The Bass-ment

Never cared that much for blue guitars but … WOW!


DrMilkTruck, interested in taking up bass?


DrMilkTruck, interested in taking up bass?

– Don Birchett

That is d-mn fabulous!


cool !

I'd almost be tempted to start learning to play bass.


That's some dramatic figure. It's like looking down on the ocean.


Now that's a might fine looking blue finish on that bass.....very elegant!


That's some nice wood, but IMO doesn't belong on a bolt-neck instrument. I can appreciate some nice flame and quilt on a Les Paul or an archtop, but not on a Fender. It's too much of a juxtaposition of formalities, like wearing a tuxedo to go fishing.

Would look much better in a solid color, like Lake Placid Blue, but don't mind me, carry on...


Uh....yeah, that is super duper polished and pretty!

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