The Bass-ment

Never been that attracted to bass players till now.


On the Today show this AM (4/19)---Sheryl Crow playing a Guild bass.

– wabash slim

She also put in an appearance this week on NCIS New Orleans, playing the same bass in a concert scene.... PR called it the "world premiere" of her new song "Roller Skate".


this is a 15yr old girl? talent fo'sho

– THE NOCTURNE BRAIN™ (actually loves hippies)

No, she's 26. Are you trying to give Taffy a heart attack?


What? No love for Tina Weymouth!??

– PawnShopYamaha

Tina is great! She's why I have a Horner Club bass...and a MusicMaster bass, too.


Is that Rachel Hayden? If so, she also toured with Todd R.


More Martina Weymouth, one the greatest songs

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