The Bass-ment

NBD….sort of


After months of procrastinating, I decided to trade in my Fender Jazz Bass on a ‘75 Fender Musicmaster Bass. I’d been looking for a short scale bass for a while, especially after rebuilding my mates EB-3.

The only mods are the original bridge has been replaced, and the standard pickup has been replaced with an Aero Musicmaster Bass one. Probably not a bad idea seeing the original is just a Strat pickup. I might try to find an original bridge for it, I think it looks better

Plenty of punch about it, and light as, too.


The Daphne Blue has got a bit of a green tinge to it, but it looks like the previous owner may have tried to clean/buff it. Unsure whether to try to clean it, or leave it as it is.


Now that's nice! Love it!


Enjoying immensely thanks Bob. Yours looks pretty neat. What pickup is in yours ??


Cool wee bass Rusty,congrats...yours too Bob!

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