The Bass-ment



So here's the deal.

I backed a Kickstarter project for a new guitar manufacturer back in September (Retronix). They finally came out with pictures of the prototypes and are ready to accept orders. Here's a pic of the prototype R-800B. I'm going with it in Surf Green (as in the pic). Not sure whether I will go with redwood or maple for the fretboard, but other than that I should have a new bass sometime in late March/early April. This should be pretty a pretty versatile bass, Strat-like pickup configuration and a 5-way switch and a way cool Jetson's vibe.


I thought about going in on that, have to let us know how it is. Cool looking guitars.


Redwood=soft. A lot of builders taking the Jetsons approach these days. Kinda cool!


Just a redwood f/b maybe?..

Looks pretty bloody cool!


I thought about going in on that too, was following with interest.

Didn't look like they'd meet their target for a while there but awesome if they did. A few of their designs looked really cool and I thought about as a "one day if I ever have the cash" guitar...


My guess is Redwood veneer over particle board/wood dust/glue finger board.

Seen some of those recently. Even from Gibson.

They have a name for it. Ultimately it is processed wood.


Oops. Rosewood, not redwood.

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff. Always the nattering nabob of negativity (to borrow William Safire's line). The specifics weren't given, as an optimist I'm assuming real wood. Time will tell.

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