The Bass-ment



I have been looking at these for years, and have always been surprised as to how often I see them being played by Pros who can choose to play whatever they like.

This is a fancier one, I put it on order a while ago. Seemed like it may never get delivered.

Back in the day I was a big "Jack" fan, always liked JA and Hot Tuna. He played Bass with a different intent.

Despite being a reasonably good git player, those Jr. and Sr. HS days I played Bass. It was a Framus, and I used an Ampeg B15N along with it. We played several RS tunes...Ha!

I haven't owned a Bass in 35 years...I'll need to practice. The last one was an EKO violin hollow body.


Nice bass! Enjoy!!! Made the switch to bass last year, and I am having tremendous fun playing it!

Any idea how different the Episode pickups are vs. the Gibsons?


I'll bet those are nice. Congrats!


A guy brought one of those Epiphones to an open mic my wife and I host. It sounded fantastic.


I've had mine for about a decade now, and it is wonderful. The low impedance pickup with different settings can get tones ranging from a warm, woody almost acoustic tone to pure rumbling thunder. You're gonna like it a lot!


It's a cool looking bass. I really want to try this one.


Another funny footnote, there are so few to be seen in the resale market...


Another funny footnote, there are so few to be seen in the resale market...

– Twangmeisternyc

That says a lot.

Someone explain the multi position switch, please. How does this act with standard bass amps?


Parabar can best answer...

I understand it to either tighten or loosen the "thump", more so than change frequency like a tone control.


"The pickup was designed to correct what Casady perceived as a weakness of the original Les Paul Signature bass, which was a lack of tonal definition in ensemble playing situations.[2] The pickup is connected to a transformer with a three-position switch to select output impedance of 50, 250 or 500 ohms. The lower impedance values give clearer, more balanced tone while the higher impedances produce higher output with a more bass-heavy tonal profile."

The effect to my ears is that while the pickup is completely passive (no batteries required), using the higher-impedance output setting in conjunction with the amp's controls can approach the kind of deep, yet defined bass tone that many players use active pickups for.

Another interesting feature is that while the bass has a center block, the top does not touch the center block, allowing it to vibrate freely while still benefiting from the center block's resistance to feedback.


Good luck with it. I never owned a bass but was thinking this could be the one to get. Hope you can post a report after you've had a chance to spend some time with it. (Although Parabar's post is already convincing!)


Bass in hand today, very attractive. Made a simple tune and sound check through my Solid State head and 15" Jensen C15N Extension Cabinet. Glad that gear can easily handle the Octave range and needed Volume.

Me thinks just a tiny bit of Truss and Bridge/Saddle adjustment is in order after return from Hurricane Irma Evacuation.

Came with Round Wounds, a bit bouncy...

The 3 position switch was curious, the 500 setting very full and aggressive, the 50 setting soft, pillowy, and deep. There is also a Tone Control besides the VariGain selector.

More as I have the time post-Return...


As we did not Evacuate, I spent some time this morning intonating. As delivered very little relief, none of the saddles positioned, string heights low, etc.

So far, reasonably happy! Strings are still stretching out some.

I like a Bass set-up with a higher action. I'll play it like it is now until the strings settle.

Why is it that so very few manufacturers send along a Truss Rod wrench?

Epiphone included one!

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