The Bass-ment

NBD: I just can’t stop playing my White Falcon…


Tim, Tim, Tim. We now have "Birds" at the same time!

Congrats, and great to see you take the leap to "Headstock Heaven" LOL

Nice little write up too. Great to see you back and on task


My wife and l enjoy the whole Niagara thing...great place to tour for a few days. We stay on the Canadian side.

Best Fruit Wines around, Ice Wines are great, too. Lots of Wineries. And Walleye!

I trekked with my Bichon Frise 9 1/2 hours each way to Toronto for my Byrdland...the things we do for love.

Good for you!


Clearly the Canadian side is better. Skylon Tower! Better view of all falls...

But we can't find our passports.


Good thing you went before "The Wall" gets built...besides a passport, you would need a ladder!


I had to sell my Falcon LDS because I was too scared to play it haha. It went to a better person who used it to play in his church. Much more fitting.


I'm very happy to hear that you are enjoying the WF I once owned. It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife and I'm glad to hear you had a good time. Next trip try the Canadian site, we'll show you around.


Huh, a white falcon, really? Now I've got to wonder. Have you been telling me so long that a WF isn't right for me so you could beat me to getting one? Too bad. I win. Lovely Bass. Good on ya and thanks for sharing the story with us.


Oh how i've missed threads like these!

Congrats Tim,cool bass sir!


Unless you're Espranza Spalding, It's hard to play bass alone.

Bass playing is a social thing. It makes everyone feel better that it's there. If it is a better bass it makes you feel better.

I've picked up a bass at jams when there was no one else. I had fun, and I think everyone else did too.

Although I still want to be the star, bass playing is the best for the community.



You're very right, Lee. The world certainly needs more fundamentally competent bass players.

Playing bass is, of course, related to playing guitar - but it's a different instrument, and (usually) deployed differently than guitar. Not every guitarist makes a good bassist, and I suspect most guitarists have to work (at least initially) on developing the proper bass instincts.

I'm not sure I'm there, though I have become the designated bass player on more than one occasion, and done passably. I've been bassing on my own tunes in the studio for decades, where there's time and opportunity to figure out what's needed to lock in (if I didn't hear it in the first place) and to eventually get there.

Also, a terrifyingly talented musician (who happened to have taken drums as his main instrument, but whose ability on bass, guitar and even keyboard is underestimated at your own peril) once stood over me as I overdubbed bass on a reggae track, taped the D & G strings so I couldn't play them, and smacked my fingers with a drumstick when I overplayed.

That was educational.

If I had to be in a band with a really bad player or two, I'd much rather it be a guitarist or keyboard player than a drummer or bassist. It's hard to fix around those deficiencies. I'd be proud to be the kind of on-demand bassist who gets the job done in a way no one really notices.


"Rick the Bass Player" and Ducky Dunn come to mind Tim. They got the job done, and most didn't notice.


Wow... Now I know how much I have missed these EPIC Proteus threads. A fantastic Gretsch Bass picto-posting with Canadian content.Awesome.


Thanks for a very fun thread. What's this about a Dynasonic Country Gent?


Yup. Only one (of factory construction) in the known Gretschoverse. It answers the question: what if Gretsch hadn't lost its corporate mind in 1958 (along with Gibson) and ditched The Best Pickup Ever (Gibson had the Second Best Pickup Ever) for…you know. Humnotrons, etc.

And it's a good answer! (Can't post pictures now as my laptop with its stash is temporarily embarrassed by bad RAM.)


Did someone say White Country Gent with Dynasonics?


steve marriot...of the small faces makin his white falcon look like a bass



I had to sell my Falcon LDS because I was too scared to play it haha. It went to a better person who used it to play in his church. Much more fitting.

– Taffy

So was it an LDS Church?


I'm sure it's just me, but every time I see "LDS," I first dyslex it as "LSD," and it takes my brain a moment to sort it out.

Makes for some funny moments.


Powerman- his might is forged by harnessing the phenomenon of gravity through the medium of, er, water.

And you did it. You embarked on a strategy of skilful negotiation with two ladies and achieved your objective using the medium of water. In an attractive setting.

Powerman, indeed.


So ya like centerblock Falcons, do ya? I've got a lovely silver-and-black one that needs a new home.


Hmm. If you were closer to the Bay area, maybe I could convince Ms Proteus we should go see the grandchildren...


I'll be somewhat closer in a weekend or so.


You always have an answer, haven't you?


Wicked cool bass, Tim. And I've knocked a few ceiling fans but have never lost a soldier. Loved the free tour of Niagara Falls, too.


Great bass geetah, great place, great story...good to have you back, Tim.

"I'd be proud to be the kind of on-demand bassist who gets the job done in a way no one really notices." Carol Kaye, for example?

It's been a long time since we lost one of the few bassists who could play solo: Jaco Pastorius. I guess we'd better now watch out for Timo Proterious!

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