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NBD 1994 Fender Precision Bass


My dear wife spent the last two months scouring the universe (actually just the local Craigslist and eBay), for the right bass guitar, as a birthday gift for me. She found this 1994 Fender Standard Precision Bass, with an SKB hard case, for sale. I was astounded by her consideration and effort, to make my 59th birthday memorable.

She didn't feel comfortable buying it on her own, for a couple of obvious reasons. Craigslist deals can be a bit shady, even if she met him in a public place. She also didn't trust her ability to make sure that it was a sound instrument.

So yesterday, I drove over to the fellows house, an hour drive away, and met with him. The bass was advertised as being in "near mint condition", and of course I was skeptical. Well Holly Cow! It was a beautiful example of a near mint condition, 25 years old instrument. It was super clean, no nicks or scratches, but showed an age appropriate patina on the wood screws.

The bass was bought by the seller, from an estate sale. He gave me the receipt from the sale, dated just under 4 years ago. It had apparently been bought new by the original owner, and stored in the closet for over 20 years, virtually unplayed. Something in the original case had outgassed, and caused a hazy film to form over the finish. It was cleaned off, with with regular guitar cleaner/polish, reveiling a beautiful finish underneath. I don't have the pictures, but I saw before and after photos, of how it was before and after being cleaned up. The seller passed it on to me, for the same price he had paid for it, which was more than fair.

It's a very nice instrument, and has that iconic Precision Bass sound. It has a one piece Ash body, Maple neck and Rosewood fretboard. It's a different color sunburst than my 2017 Stratocaster, much lighter, but very pretty. It has a new set of D'Addario Chrome Flatwounds on it, that are a bit too stiff for my liking. I like the slick feel, but not the high tension of the Chromes. I'll play it for a while, as is, to build up some finger strength, and then put a good set of rounds on it.


she's a keeper...

By which I mean your wife!


I took a couple of the Guitar Center gift cards, that I had received as birthday gifts, and bought this dandy little headphone amplifier today. They cost $38, I have two of them for the guitar already, the AC30, and the Classic Rock. The bass unit has 9 different drum rhythms to play along with, as well as compression, and the usual drive, reverb, delay and chorus effects, that the guitar units have. I'm on the search for a bass amplifier now!



I recently picked up one of these GK MB115 bass amps from a Craig's List ad and it's everything you will ever want or need in a bass amp. It sounds perfect! I also play a Fender Precision.


A nice pair of Fenders! My 2017 Elite Stratocaster, and my 1994 Precision Bass. I love the color of the sunburst on the bass. I have the original white pick guard for the bass, but I'm leaving the black one on it.


Congrats sir,that's a lovely bass!



I recently picked up one of these GK MB115 bass amps from a Craig's List ad and it's everything you will ever want or need in a bass amp. It sounds perfect! I also play a Fender Precision.

– BuddyHollywood

That's a great amplifier, BuddyHollywood! I'll keep my eyes open for one. Thanks for the recommendation.


Congrats, that looks nice. I saw at Guitar Center the other day there was a 1987 Fender Squier Japan P-Bass. It was really nice. If those Squiers from Japan are as good as my Strat of that era then that bass on sale is great.

Yours isn't a Squier but a full blown Fender. I bet it is as good as anything they make now.


I've had a few days to get accoustomed to playing the bass again, and it's all coming back! I'm buying a used bass amplifier from the bass player in our church band. It's a two year old Eden EC - 210 - II, with a slanted front. It's reasonably lightweight (42 lbs) 180 watts, through two custom 10" speakers. Four stage EQ Bass, Mid, Mid sweep and Treble with Eden "Enhance" EQ sweep. On board compressor with level control. It has XLR out, external cabinet out, 3.5mm input, effects loop, and even a 1/4" tuner output. It's in "like new" condition, and I'm getting it for half the new price (it's nice to have friends). It's loud enough for rehearsals, jam sessions, and small venues. Medium to large venues, and outdoors with PA support.

I learned to play the bass back in the early 80's, while I was stationed overseas, for three and a half years, in Mons Belgium (SHAPE). I had just bought a Fender Precision Bass, from another soldier, who was rotating back to the States. I was playing the guitar (my Suzuki LP, that I bought in downtown Mons) in a GI rock/pop band, that played NATO events, and a monthly benefit for the Saint Gertrude Regional Orphanage.

I was being coached, on bass, by our extremely proficient African American bassist, who told me "first off, get rid of that pick, throw it away, now"! So I learned to play with my fingers right off the bat. He then told me something that took a while to set in, he said, "imagine 300 lb basketball players, moving up the court, in complete control. They are doing a dance, with such strength and precision, they make it look easy". I finally got what he was saying, after few months. Just like those 300 lb basketball players, the bass takes strength and control to play smoothly.

When I got back Stateside, I was stationed at Ft Bragg NC, and I played the guitar in a GI rock band that broke up after a few months. The other guitarist (a 1st Lieutenant in the 82nd Airborne Division) joined a civilian rock band named "Rough House". He called me up, and asked if I wanted to play bass in the group. I accepted, and for the next four years, I had the time of my life!

We initially played what were called "Pig Picking Parties". They were what the name suggests, multiple pigs, spit roasted on rented propane pig roasters, along with a bunch of kegs of beer. They were thrown in either a barn, or an open field, and were a tremendous amount of fun.

We eventually landed a steady gig, as the house band in a local night club, called "The Blue Marble". The 1st Lieutenant, Ron, got out of the Army shortly thereafter, so I was the only GI in the band. We had a stand in bass player, for when I was deployed.

That bass ended up getting stolen, in 2011, and I had been without a bass ever since. I mentioned to my wife, about a year ago, that I really missed having a bass guitar, and that I was thinking of getting another one. That planted a seed, and being the kind, considerate and loving wife that she is, she found me another one!


So Wade, on the mend, and a new bass! Things are looking up! Good for you!


Nice bass! Nice wife! Congratulations!

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