The Bass-ment



New Beatle Bass Day. Well here I go again, buying something I don't really need, but what the heck.I was at Sweetwater's gearfest helping my brother unload some gear,(I sold a couple of guitars and an amp), and decided to pick this up. It's the Chinese version,but sweetwater has a version with teacup knobs and LaBella flats on it. Here's a pic.


Rock on, Twom McCartney!


That just fine, Twom. They already took care of the mods I would have done, the knobs and the Flat Wounds. Have a blast!

Just remember to take that shipping pad out from under the bridge.


Thanks guys! Bob-I'll get that foam removed when I check the bridge for intonation.


labella flats and teacups are way to go...a good thumpin' bass for low $$$...has classic hofner bridge...the "fret" saddles fit in slots..can be moved

congrats & enjoy...


ps- the flats make all the difference!!


Big congrats. If one is a bass player, a Beatle base is a must have. Those MIC Hofners are huge bang for the buck.


A Hofner Ignition is nothing to sneeze at. They are great playing and sounding basses. Congrats!

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