The Bass-ment

NBAD — Update!


(New Bass Amp Day)

I've been borrowing bass rigs from friends to accommodate bass gigs as they've come up, but I concluded I really need to have my own setup for those times when I can't depend upon the kindness of strangers, or friends.

So when TrueTone advertised their Trade In/Trade Up sale, I brought the Schecter Corsair I had but didn't really need and made a trade for an Aguilar Tone Hammer 350 head. It's got the exact bass tone I hear in my head (and therefore aspire to reproduce), both in the Aguilar SL112 cab I played it through in the store, and the (borrowed) Fender Rumble 115 cab I have at home.

Still gotta figure out what cab(s) I want to use, but will keep borrowing until I reach a decision.


Finally played enough bass gigs to pay for a pair of Aguilar SL-112 cabs.

And boy howdy do they sound good. And loud. And they don't weigh much. The bandleader in one band I play with picked one up and said "It's like lifting an empty shoebox." A little exaggeration, perhaps, but they're danged easy to carry around.

I also finally got around to opening a Fender wireless unit I bought some years ago and never used, and started playing wirelessly, to facilitate onstage shtik with other bandmembers and/or the audience. The next step is to mount all the components on a small pedalboard and set that on top of the cabs for fastest setup and teardown. That'll happen later this week, time permitting.


That's the best one. I used it in my surf trio. Great vintage sounds, especially if you turn that "Drive" knob up (be sure to drop the "Gain" when you do that, they're interactive). Think of the "Drive" knob as a sort of "Vintage/Modern" contour. It doesn't really add any overdrive, just some focus in the mid-range. Check out the graphs here for a better explanation. I use mine with a Fender Rumble 210.

There's not a whole lot that sets these little Class D amps apart IMO. They all do a great job of light, cheap, and LOUD, but there's a sweetness in the tone of the ToneHammer that speaks to me.

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