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Can you name make and model of this bass. Probably nobody's cup of tea here but I am a fan and have been since I first saw these guys as a teen in 1982. The bass player, Frank, has a cool looking bass that I am not familiar with and no amount of Googling has helped.

Anyone know about this bass.



I'm guessing -- Gibson RD bass. I can't add an image from my phone but it should be easy to find via Google.

Edit: Steeple beat me to it!


Steeple and Dave, you guys are good and nailed it ASAP. I was curious about it and thanks to you two I know now. Thank you.

Steeple, nice the one you posted has Thomastik flats on it.


Gibson RD..............borrowed one off a mate for a couple of months. Was such a nice bass I offered to buy it from him, but he wanted too much at the time. I think Krist Noveslic used one in Nirvana for a bit.


In the late 70s that was the hot lick for advanced design.. I think active electronics also


Sting named his electric upright bass Brian, so no duplicates allowed.

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