The Bass-ment

Metallica - …And Justice For All (now with bass)


I haven't listened to this album in more than a decade. Main reason is the absence off any noticable bass guitar.

Finally someone finished this album.


Excellent! Now we just need someone to play a kick drum there instead of the ”klik” that sounds like a snare rim hit with a chop stick.


This is what In Justice For All would sound like if Robert Trujillo was in the band. This guy plays a lot like him. Jason Newstead used a pick. I'm listening to it now and the album sounds a lot better with Robert Trujillo style bass guitar in the mix played by this guy!


I hear hear alot of Cliff Burton influence in it too.

I hooked up my laptop to the PA and for the first time ever I enjoyed the entire album from front to back.


Yes, I hear the Cliff Burton influence for sure. I also enjoy the whole album now too. With the original mix only a few songs popped out. With this solid bass in the mix the drum sound doesn't bother me anymore either.

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