The Bass-ment

Looking for a Bass player in Vancouver


Maybe this isn't the best area to put this in, but it is bass related My Band The Colorifcs are looking for good bass player to play locally and the occasional jaunt elsewhere. The ability to sing too would be a big plus as there's lot's of BGs. but not entirely necessary. We have about 42 some odd original tunes (swing, latin, caberet, rockabilly etc) and often play all nighters (3 sets) We are engergetic and try to have fun live, People generally dance a lot. Someone loca l(in the Vancouver area) would be ideal obviously You can audition all of our recorded material (4 albums) here: I'm the songwriter.guitarist/ harmony singing guy in the band.



That sounds like a lot of fun! The commute would kill me though


No I haven't Paul I'm not sure if if I know who he is? You think he'd be a good fit?
Do you have contact information for him?


I will see if I can track down his #

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