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Scott Fraser


Just seen these videos and thought i share,tiz the season and all that!

Very nicely played from Mr Fraser,and a rather lovely old Super Chet too!

Christmas Time Is Here

Winter Wonderland

Jingle Bell Rock


That's some nice playing. I love those old Super Chets.


Scott used to be seen on Midwest Country out of Sandstone Minnesota on RFD-TV on Saturday nights a few years ago, he played a mean version of "Wildwood Flower" and "Ghost Riders". I wish he was still on there.

The guitarist in the house band back then was Leroy Glazier, he was a superb thumb picker too, he died from pancreatic cancer a few years ago.

Here is a link to Scott doing "Ghost Riders".

And here is a short clip of Leroy on Midwest Country.


Nice old Music Man amp Scott seems to be using too.

FB,Do ya know what guitar that is Leroy is playing?


JC, that guitar was built for Leroy by his brother, birdseye maple body with spruce top, Seymour Duncan pick-ups and a classical neck.

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