The Bass-ment

How Low Can I Go?


About 25% lower now, or a 4th. NBD!

Best rationalization I've got is that I played Mel Waldorf's friend Rocky's 5-string Fender Jazz bass at the NorCal Roundup, and concluded that I could handle both the longer scale, and 5 strings, in the name of getting some low notes I could use in the country band. I made mention of that on the Reverend page on Facebook, and was quickly advised there is a closeout on rosewood-fingerboarded Mercalli 5 basses, and that a smokin' deal was to be had.

Only trouble was, by the time I got home, got it restrung with flatwounds, and tuned it up, it was way too late to play loud enough to be fun, so that's gonna have to wait. Not sure I'll feel comfortable enough with it to play it at the gig on Saturday, but I'll have to bring it along as a...backup, yeah, a backup, that's it.


I'm honored to have played a bit part in the rationalization of the purchase of this fine instrument. Enjoy!


She's a beauty.


Swing low, Frank!


Sweet bass,congrats Frank!


I think those are the largest pickups I've ever seen. Do they require a special endorsement on your license? Thing like that must sound phenomenoble (<-- intentional made-up word, humorous intent)!

Big. Lots of bigness.

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