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Hofner - Rogue ?


i am frozen at the send button at MF for the Rogue bass , and thinking , this is a mistake , go Hofner ,,,,,, help !!


oh , 187 for the Rogue , 400 for the Hofner , logic says Hofner , but 187 for the Rogue is not bad , if i dont mod it ,, and straight up i can see 70 dollars in mods


I had a Hofner and it played wonderfully. They're on ebay all the time for just a bit more than a Rogue. Link...


Get the real Hofner. You will always have that nagging at you if you don't.


dang , i just called MF , Hofner Does Not come with a case , but all the shops on the bay , they all come with a case grrrrrrrrrrrr


Buy cheap, buy twice:

get the genuine article, then you won't spend more swapping parts out to make it look more like a Hofner.



I even did this with the Hofner Icon. 1st it was the tea cup knobs, then the tail piece (the one on the Icon is cheesy) then I got disenchanted with the pickups, then I sold it for less than I paid for it and got a Contemporary series. It's twice as expensive, but twice as nice. I think I should have done this in the first place, but it was lots of fun, so maybe not.


lol thanks Lonnie , i am such a dope , i need this like a hole in the head


I was going to say go Hofner - seeing as your avatar has our heroes on it - then again, I have an Epi Viola and love it.

Enjoy - they certainly are "vibey" basses!



Bob a member here has the 500/1 CT for sale , but i read they have a center block , that turned me off from it


Also, the CT has a real Hofner bridge.


I'm the guy with the CT for sale (PM if anybody is interested in details). The center block really makes a marginal difference once you slap flats on it, I've A/B'd it with the German 500/1. What the CT does have (which is key to Beatle tone along with good nickel flats) is German pickups!!! The pups they put on the Icon/Ignition sounds nothing like a Hofner. Bob Howard's post couldn't be more true.

Sorry Anne, mine was only slightly more and with a case, not to mention $60 Thomastik flats and German tea cup knobs already installed....At least you didn't get the Rogue, LOL!


oh it was not 100% the center block that was a deal breaker , it's the money also , this is just a toy to mess around with , and your price was a very very good deal too !! nice looking bass BTW


this case is pretty nice...needs slight mod which takes about 5 minutes...ez tho

i like the icon/ignition...light as feather..sounds great with little bass





oh i ordered from someone else , 389 with the case !!!


Cool see nice things come to nice people remember we only need the breath of life all the rest is wants and desires :) rave on Anne


Nice price, I really doubt you'll ever regret not getting the Rogue. If the budget Hofners had come out just a little sooner, I would have had one of those instead.


Well I bought the Rogue used with case for $175 with flats in excellent condition. Plays fairly well, sounds fine but strings buzz acoustically. Through the amp it sounds ok, but a little buzzing on one pickup. OK for practice and looking in the mirror but that's all.

Saw two Epiphones in Guitar Center, both had cracked bridges and lousy tuning pegs and played poorly..... just saying"



oh i ordered from someone else , 389 with the case !!!

– Anne Flener

Don't want to start World War III, but I know talking about modding one's case is like Pearl Harbor around here. But I'll try anyway.

You should mod your Hofner case. I have two Hofner's and the case immediately got redone. Painted the Hofner logo on my cases. (No gold piping on these, folks. So hold your fire.)

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