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hey upright dudes


2 years ago, sold my Kay M3 1/4 size regretted it almost immediately. These don't come up often so I jumped in this one. It was up in Massachusettts and friend went and got it for me.


Yeozah! Nice. I wanna come see it (or rather, hear it) sometime.


Well I am putting pickup on it now. My other was one cleaner but still of all the stuff that has come thru here that was the biggest regret of something sold. These were for student but some urban NYC type jazz players using since they would fit in the back of a cab.


I swear, I read the thread title as "...UpTIGHT Dudes"

And I thought, "Wrong forum, man...."


I have a 1951 Kay M-1 4/4 and my son has a King Double Bass.. its ridiculous how big these are in a house.


my bass player (and lady friend) uses a 1/4 M3....

here's a pic!


what kinda pickup system are you using. She found that transducers just don't cut it at the volume we play. So she has a krivo on it with a clacky in the neck.


You could do like Jimmy Sutton with a transducer for stage amp and a clamped on drum mic for front of house.


upright players have the most cockamamie solutions for their instrument. it's kinda funny but also a little sad that there's not more solutions readily available.


I had the K&K Rockabilly Setup and I really liked it. You have a good preamp with sufficient oooooomph to amplify and two pots to dial in the ‘note-to-click’ ratio.


Nick! yup, this seems to be the lasting issue. she's using a k&k pre right now (cause it has that nifty stereo-in to mono-out feature. but literally having one pre-amp option is like being a guitarist and being given a EH micro amp and being told that's all you get.

in my psychobilly dreams tavo has the time to make a really kick ass stereo to mono pre-amp with some of his killer warmth and bite.


I use a Krivo and K&K Bassmster and have a mixer for them.


Buddy, I’m with you! I was comparing the K&K setup to alternatives I’ve encountered. I like the independence it gives you from the sound man, it’s rare you come across someone who gets how a slapped double bass should sound. Having no click is as bad as the psycho ‘ticktickticktick’... I think Tavo developed the Junior Barnyard initially for double bass or piezo amplified instruments at any rate. Haven’t tried it with bass yet but I’m sure sonic goodness can be gained from trying it.


I've been running a Fonokraft Billy pickup (sadly I don't think they are made anymore, which I just found out in searching for a link) into a BBE sonic stomp and a standard Dyno Brain for years. I can set up without the pedals as well and get plenty of volume, the BBE and Brain just give it that extra sauce.

How I got around the stereo to mono thing was wiring a female 1/4" stereo jack (cable style, to two mono 1/4" plugs, and running those into an a/b/y switch.

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