The Bass-ment

HEY MAN this section shoulda been moved down too


actually it ain't needed -- other guitars section is cool enough


Yeah, to the basement.


Bass player here............but yeah, a move to Other Guitars is fine.


Same here, except BillyZoom will bitch about them not being guitars but electric basses!


Not sure I see the problem here. It’s a bass section. If you play bass come here, if you don’t, well...don’t.

Personally I think it makes more sense for bass to have its own section rather than chucked in with Other Guitars. It’s here now so why fix what ain’t broke?


Tend to agree w Deke on this one... Nothing wrong with a section for basses.


Basses deserve their own section!


Basses deserve their own section!

– duojet55

Well, since you put it that way, okay.


I'd like to it left as it is, please (separate bass section). I'd prefer not having to wade through a bunch of guitar posts to find the (admittedly few) bass posts. If I want to read about guitars, I'll go to one of the guitar sections.


Well at the very least it should be moved out of the Grestch area. It's still a graveyard tho.

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