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Hey, it looks like I’m in a Bluegrass band



I love Bluegrass. A few years ago I sold almost all my electrics and bought a couple of nice Martins. Still haven't found a band to play with though.

Great music!


I still stand by my warning that bluegrass is easily ruined by banjo players with more licks than taste...


Mandolin players slay me. How they can play so many notes in the microspace that exists between the frets on those tiny little fretboards astounds me.


The Bluegrass station on my Sirius XM has become my favorite channel. I love Bluegrass and love just sitting and flatpicking(as Doc Watosn-esque as I possibly can get) to Del McCroury, all Skaggs, Randy Kohrs, and countless others whose names I do not even know.

Have fun with the new lineup JoBigsby!!!


Del McCoury is great! Skaggs too. I've been listening to Bluegrass a LOT lately. Just saw Trampled By Turtles last week, it was a great show.

Looks like we both joined up with a Bluegrass band (well, mine's more of a Bluegrass/Folk/Punk thing) around the same time! It's a lot of fun.

I'm hoping to pick up a nice F style Mandolin, in the meantime I'm workin on my bluegrass playing technique.


Bluegrass gives me goosebumps. It's pretty big here in Indiana---there's the large fiddlefest in Battleground in the LaFayette area, and, Bill Monroe was based in Bean Blossom, which has a huge festival---just down the road from Proteus.

JeffO---listen to the "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou" soundtrack---it even has a Polski singing "Man of Constant Sorrow" -- the Grammy winning tune. Dan Tyminski sang the song---George Clooney just lip synced.

It's a lot like Irish folk music---if your foot isn't tapping in 30 seconds, you must be dead.


I've a got a serious bluegrass jam coming up on 15th July down here in little NZ. Also lotsa Irish melodic tunes too. At the moment I play a humble Epiphone Dove, but when it gets up above that all important 220 bpm, then yer cookin! Hammer-ons, slids, pull-offs and all those wonderful bass runs and licks! A country and bluegrass player can easily play jazz, but not vice versa.

Then there's newgrass as well, and the whole "new acoustic" sound. You gotta check out Crooked Still, Acoustic Blue, Greensky Bluegrass, Nothin' Fancy, Midnight Drive and Balsam Range to name a few. These are *modern * bluegrass bands and the musicianship is just beautiful. The members of those bands play mostly original songs, but they do some awseome renditions of classic rock songs without being as "cheesy" as Hayseed Dixie. Also as a surise is that a lot of the banjo players play Prucha banjos because they have a warmth that Deerings and Gibsons don't have. Here's a clip you might enjoy that's a bit more traditional:

Shenandoah Drive

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