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Gretsch Single Mute Intallation problem


Hi, I’m painstakingly trying to bring my 1968 6071 bass back to it’s former glory, and I’m trying to install a newly purchased mute system. The problem is that one of the previous owners has torn out the guts so I have nothing to guide me. Does anyone have any info? Thanks!


Cool you are bringing back the sort of neglected 6071 bass. Wish I had info for you -- but do put up pix when done?


I found a very helpful photo of how it’s supposed to look, I figured I’d share it here if someone else is going through the same trouble.


Thanks for posting that. The mute systems are one thing about Gretsch that I have absolutely no working knowledge of.


Looks like that mute works by pressing against the front surface of the body from inside. Is that accurate? I've never seen one like that.

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