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Hey Sean, It's been sometime from your last post about the G5123B. You without a doubt have been the only source of information on this guitar. I Bought mine in Buffalo NY 12/28/11. Serial number is KS11073762. So according to the Gretsch site it was made in Korea at the SMG plant in July of 2011. It was also 1 of 3,762 "different models" manufactured. I also had a discussion with one of the managers at GC and he told me that GC has an unlimited supply in a storage facility. He said that it was very unlikely Gretsch would only produce 250 of these guitars and there's possibly many more of these models being released as they are sold. He also said this was only the 2nd time that GC had a "special" model made by a manufacter (the other time was a special aniversary model by Fender). I too would like to know the exact number made and will continue to search for more information. I noticed that you listed model number 251-6200(512). Is the 512 the number of guitars made?



Almost! The last part of your serial number means it is the 3,762nd Gretsch guitar made at the SMG factory in 2011 (not just July of '11), regardless of model. That is why for example, KS11073762 (yours), and KS11073763 (unknown) are not necessarily the same model of guitar. 63 could be a jet, or an acoustic even! (Not likely though.) There is some sort of method to be sure, I doubt very much that it's a random process, but it can explain how just a few guitars could span several hundred serial numbers.

As to the number of guitars produced, I do see your point, and the simple truth is *he could be right. * However, Gretsch has been producing limited runs of guitars for many, many years. To say that they haven't released many of them exclusively through Guitar Center in the past only accounts for well... the past. Every time I have seen a 2010 model 5123B bought from a Guitar Center (of which there are 3 near my home), it has been replaced with a 2011 model. This alone adds credence to the theory that there were very few that were made in 2010. Otherwise, wouldn't there have been plenty of 2010's to use up first? While still being secretive, the information that Gretsch released along with the guitar in 2010 still points to a production run in 2010 of around 100. This again, is not uncharted territory for Gretsch when testing out a potential new model.

An important note however, is that now, in 2012, you will be told this same thing by any GC employee that knows about this bass, "we can order one anytime." And they can, but it won't be a 2010 model. Because (rumor has it) they didn't make many! There may well be several hundred made in 2011, or maybe not. only (lots) of time will tell!


Sorry, forgot about your last question!

I asked Gretsch that very question last year, and it turns out that #512 Orange is the current Orange stain used by Gretsch. They would not disclose the maker for obvious reasons.


The GC manager apparently forgot about the G6120-TMSP that they sold back in '03. I suspect that they do special runs more often than we know...


Thanks for the update. I will continue to search for information about these bass guitars. In the meantime I plan on playing with it as often as possible. It's a real head turner and plays "almost" as well as my Vintage Gibson Les Paul Triumph Recording bass. But I'm comparing apples to oranges. The Gibson is a short scale and plays a little faster. As far as the Gretsch goes it has just as much bottom end for that good ol Blues & Classic Rock sound and even a better high end. The best thing about playing the G5123B is that you don't need to ice down your shoulder after a gig!! LOL


Sean, Today I returned to the scene of the crime, Buffalo NY. Last month (12/28/11) I purchased the G5123B from this GC. Guess what? Another one has taken it's place! I spoke with the manager and asked him about this guitar. To my surprise he was able to tell me how many were available in all GC stores across the country. He couldn't find any info on how many might be in the wharehouse. We still can't determine how many were actually made but this is a step forward. There are now 119 G5123B's for sale mostly in California and some in Texas. That's guitars hanging on the walls not what is in storage somewhere. He told me that the GC in Buffalo has sold a handful of these models and they get replaced as soon as one is sold. So it seems this guitar is not as rare as we had hoped and that Gretsch (FMIC) is releasing these slowly to keep the price and regulate the supply and demand.


I was in a GC today looking for a strap. There she was standing in the corner, waiting to be picked up and fingered. As I approached I wondered why she was not the center of attention. I sat her in my lap and gently brought her to tune. What felt like seconds to me was like hours to my wife sitting in the car. It was then I knew ....I would be back... as soon as I could figure out how to sneak her passed my wife, down the basement steps and into the safety of the cave, where all the other ladies lay in wait.

As we parted I asked but one indulgence.....her name and she whispered G5123B.... Tomorrow, I promised, tomorrow!

Stay tuned (pun intended) For some reason I feel like I need a cigarette.


Looks like Pablo's got it bad! :D

Welcome to the addiction Pablo you aren't the first. Theose sexy orange sirens and their perfect curves have been drawing us in from everywhere. I was a 10+ year veteran drummer last year, but as soon as I laid a finger on this beauty it was much too late. Now I'm a Bass-prentice!

I got it so bad that I had to have a pair of these sexy twins in my bed within a week of seeing the first !#$@%

Got rid of the second one eventually (it wasn't easy), and now I give all my lovin' to the first. I suggest you do the same from the start: Having a second doesn't make it any easier to say goodbye to the first!



I purchased my Electromatic at Guitar Center on Anderson Lane in Austin, TX... 02/25/2012.

Based on the serial number, it was made in 2011.

Paul is the gentleman i dealt with and he said that he's seen 3 come through there in the last couple of years. He also said that this one was the last one and he didn't expect any more coming through. Not sure what to think about that...

I've been used to playing Fender Precision and Fender Jazz basses as of late and I absolutely dig this bass.

It's played through a 70's Silverface Fender Bassman 50 and the tone is there for what I do.

I'm not sure if it's the 32" scale or the hollow body but you can really hear the D and G strings.. with some punch.

If you're looking at this page and contemplating whether or not to buy this bass, if it's available in your area, I would say do it. This thing is dope... I traded a tour worn Fender 300 Bassman Pro for this bass + the case... (The Roadrunner RRMBA17 case)

Thanks to all of you in this forum! All of the great info here made me a believer!


Congrats Corbin!

Glad you like your new bass. FYI: The first two 5123-B's that came through that store are the very two in the picture above your post :)

As for his not being able to get another? Considering the small numbers of these basses we believe to exist, it's plenty possible he's right ( 8-o ), but I wouldn't hold my breath. I'd believe they're running low, but unless they have a limit on basses per store total (can't see this being the case), I wouldn't think he'd be cut off totally. We'll see next week. The first two I bought were replaced pretty darn quickly.


Hey Fellow 5123b Owners! Just got a flier from GC and low and behold our beloved Bass was one of the featured models listing for $1150.00 but on sale for $849.00 with no case. Obviously they have plenty to go around. I really don't care anymore (about the number made) because I got one! I would recommend this guitar to anyone beginner to experienced player. Just Awesome!!


Guys, this is a good thread, but there are also a couple of ongoing threads related to the 5123 on TalkBass if you want to check them out.


Hey there, Pilgrim! You should spend a little more time over here on the GDP, your input would be greatly appreciated around these parts, as I'm sure many here already know.

For those of you who don't know, Pilgrim can occasionally be found on G-T, but spends most of his time at TalkBass, where He's made well over 10,000 posts, almost all of which contain actual information!

You'd be right at home here in the Bass-ment Pilgrim, and we can always use another expert...


Bought my Gretsch G5123B a few weeks ago at Guitar Center in East Brunswick, NJ. Walked into bass guitar room (as they have us segregated from the electric guitar community) and it was sitting on a stand right in front of me. It was love at first sight. I knew I had to have it.
Serial # is KS10113929.

I went there with the intention to buy an inexpensive bass for a woman at church who wants to play bass. There were two used basses for $79 each (an Ibanez and a Yamaha). I figured $79 would be a good gift for her. I tried the Ibanez first as I'm more partial to Ibanez and it was terrible. Tried the Yamaha RBX260 and it was great. Nice neck, low action and 24-frets. Figured it would make a nice gift for her.

So, for around $900 I got my Gretsch and the Yamaha. Played the Yamaha a few times at home and decided to keep it as a backup rationalizing that she would probably try and play it a couple weeks and put it in closet.


The singer in my Celtic music band gave me her father's 1950's Kay hollow body electric guitar as a gift a few months ago. Couldn't find a case for it as it was 17" wide at the lower bout. The saleswoman at my local Guitar Center recommended the Dean Acoustic Guitar Bass Case as it accomodates larger bodied acoustic guitar basses.

Picked it up today. The Kay fits beautifully and also brought the Gretsch 5123B bass there as well. Instead, I bought the RoadRunner case mentioned here as good case for the Gretsch. I bought it but now I'm thinking I like the Dean case better. May go back tomorrow and order another Dean case and return the RoadRunner. The Dean case seems better built, has softer plush interior, and better protection for either the Kay guitar and my Gretsch bass. The price of each is comparable. The RoadRunner retails for109.99 and the Dean retails for $107.99. The Dean is a better product all around.


The Dean Acoustic Guitar Bass Case has about one and a half inch play at the lower bout and about 3/8" play at the upper bout but the bass seems fairly secure as the lining is more plush than the RoadRunner case. Will probably keep both as the Gretsch seems more snug in RoadRunner case and I can always switch case as needed


My Gretsch 5123B bass serial # is KS10113929. Can anyone date it? I'm assuming somewhere in 2011.


I believe it was built in October of 2011 and it was the 3929 guitar built that year. KS is the plant where it was assembled. I haven't seen any 2012 G5123b's out there .......yet.


Oops , I made an error , your guitar was not built in 2011. KS10113929 reads as follows: KS plant where assembled, 10 year built , 11 month built and 3929 is the number of guitars built that year. Sorry about the mix up in my previous post.


Yep, Jake got himself an original 2010! Congrats Jake!

But Dinty, that's the 3929th guitar built that month, November 2010, not all of 2010. Otherwise, my 5123B, 10104466 (That's 10/10 4,466) would have had to have been built 537 guitars after Jake's... the month before! 8-o

I haven't seen any serials before October of 2010, and the lowest I've seen is 10104448.

Also Dinty, I haven't seen any 2012's yet either. And truth be told, every day that I don't see one, I have a little more hope that they've only made a few hundred! There are several forums where 5123b's are being tracked by owners, and so far the productions of 5123B's have only been in October and November of 2010, and June and July in 2011, with a smattering of 2011's in October. If we see 2012's pop up, I'd be willing to bet it won't be until after June of 2013 at the VERY earliest.


Having said that, Dinty, I've been convinced in the past that the four last numbers of the serial correspond to that guitars number in the yearly sequence of Gretsches, but seeing the math in that last post again, I'm sure that they are actually kicking out several thousand guitars a month, since the last four we know assumes the inclusion all combined models, I'm going to guess that's for the monthly run. Seems plenty reasonable to me that a japaneese super-fatcory could put up those numbers. I'm going to contact Gretsch directly and ask them to be sure. Stay tuned...

EDIT: It's only 8:00 AM in Arizona, and the Gretsch fellas were still waking up, I'll try again later!


I just got mine! KS10113932


Well Hello fellow Gretchins and I take a metaphorical bough in salute. I have joined your ranks and could not be happier. My Girlfriend just got me a 5123b. It was my reward for all the hard work I did to move both households to Sacramento, Ca. She even got the RR case. It is funny that I didn't even know there was a GC here and a new friend took me there. I saw this bass and just swooned. I came home and was telling Judy al about it and she was like "well maybe after you get a job you can buy any bass you like" I went to sleep in a huff. Well she was already 3 steps ahead of me. She was trying to get me a new bass 2months ago (Hofner Violin 500) but it was on such back order she grew impatient. I Love MY GRETCH!! number KS11113056.


You know the one G5123B from GC Las Vegas?'s gone now!! And if you could only knew the details of it's transportation to it's final location, here in my room in Guadalajara, México, you would just agree that i deserve to have it. Just not to let anbody wondering about it -and all of this is 100% true-, This bass already helped me score with a beautiful french girl when i showed it to her when i was still at the Mirage Hotel in Vegas, "i love guys who play guitar"..., well, it's a bass!, but who's complaining. Then i carried this work of art on the cabin of the plane (huge argument about it) to México City, where we then traveled in the subway walking through one of the largest and most crowded stations in the whole world, straight to the Radiohead concert!! which we had tickets for. I'll tell you this, this is NOT a light bass. Of course it had to rain, and of course we had to miss our correct exit, so i walked with my luggage on one hand and my bass on it's case on the other one for like 2km under the rain, until we finally found the bus in which we were supposed to leave our things during the concert which was amazing by the way, and then back to the crappy bus for the 8 hours journey in the night to Guadalajara, soaked, freezing to death and trying to get some sleep holding the 5123 in my lap beacause the bus was really full. Finally made it to Guadalajara and she (not an 'it' anymore) is now proudly displayed in my room along my other guitars and i already see her like an old friend :) oh yeah, serial: KS11064140


Hey Sean! My G5123B is awesome .....but having some issues. When I really get on it , there is an annoying "popping" sound. It seems like the strings are actually hitting the frets at the upper part of the neck. Especially the E string. Do you think raising the bridge would help? I'am afraid if I raise the strings any higher it would actually make it worse. I had the luthier at GC set up the guitar and it has good action and the strings are set low to the neck. He also raised the pick ups as high as he could . The strings do not hit the pick ups. They do not hit the neck except when things get going hard!. It's really pissing me off. Is this the buzzing sound that I've read about?

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