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Hi Sean,

I didn't mean to ignore your comments, just been away from here for a while. Thanks for uploading the Epiphone JC photo, that looks cool ! Avatar is the 6 string Gretsch G5128. My very first Gretsch and a lovely thing to behold. On the 4 string front, I needed (you know how these things happen) a hollow body bass but could not afford a Broadkaster so got myself a Korean copy of a Dean Stylist. This was very cheap as I wanted to do some mods (pickups swapped out for Filtertrons, new control knobs and a piezo transducer inside the body - trying to get the ultimate accoustic tone). Oh, and repaint to come aswell. It's a Frankenstein!

Which all makes me a little sad if Gretsch produce an affordable Electromatic bass as I would have held off. Never mind, it's all part of life's rich tapestry and I have learned a few things along the way. You are in the right place for tips, the guys here are very patient with newbies and have a wealth of knowledge. My only simple little trick for you - when changing strings first mark the bridge position with masking tape, saves a few moments when setting up again. Cheers and congrats on your new basses, sounds like you are having fun !



I'm a little late to this party, but welcome to the GDP! Glad you like your bass -- I'm just down the road in San Antonio. We got quite a few Texans here... a couple in Austin, Dallas, Houston and of course San Antonio.

Hmmm... Maybe it's time to organize a Lone Star Roundup... Big Jim?

Anyway, welcome!


A few days ago I walked into my local (East Brunswick, NJ) Guitar Center to do some window shopping and in the bass guitar room (yes, they have to keep us away from the masses) was this beautiful orange Gretsch hollow body bass. Single cutaway and I thought looked like the type Brian Setzer plays (although his is a 6-string). I tried it out and immediately fell in love with it.

I walked out and went on computer to do some reseach and stumbled onto this site and read all the glowing words. I have 10 basses and really didn't need to add another one as I was planning on getting the Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul bass. The more I thought about it the more I realized it's only money. And, the way youse guys were talking about how secretive Gretsch was about this bass and how few there were, I decided to go back and get it.

Went back the next day and looked in bass room where it was perched prmonently on a stand in the front of the room and it wasn't there. My heart sunk as I figured someone snatched it up. I was sad until I walked around the room and saw that it was moved to the back of the room. I quickly grabbed hold of it and knew nobody was going to leave that GC with it other than me.

I approached a salesman and asked about a case. He searched for about 20 minutes and couldn't find a case for it. That wasn't going to discourage me as I walked out with it in a plastic bag. Will have to find a case now.

But, thank you all for your posts as it helped in making my decision possible.

A few years ago I went into a GC in Springfield, NJ and noticed the Gretsch bass that Peter Tork played on "The Monkees." I always wanted to get that bass and I saw it in that shop. I think it was selling for around $1,300 and no matter how hard I tried to talk myself into buying it, just couldn't as it just did not feel right playing. Same thing happened at my local GC when I saw the Ampeg electric upright bass. I had just gotten a GC credit card and trued to talk myself into buying it, but just couldn't get the hang of it. It was selling for $1,600 at the time and now they're asking over $3,000 for that bass. May have to settle for a $600 Paladino.

One thing about this Gretsch bass..... it stands out.

BTW, Eastwood makes a nice Gretsch copy. Double cutaway. If I get it, I would probably go with the white finish as it looks like a White Falcon. But, it also looks good in orange and walnut finishes.


How do you guys like the tone? How does it stack up to Fender and Music Man basses? I know those are solid body basses but if you were going into the studio to lay down album tracks would you record with this Gretsch over a Precision or Jazz bass?


As mentioned yesterday, I bought the Gretsch Electromatic bass at my local Guitar Center. It came without a case. I just tried putting it in my Kramer Ferrington acoustic bass guitar case and, while the case is formed to the shape of the Ferrington, had no problem putting the Gretsch in it. Works well untill I can get a proper case for it. Would rather get a hardshell case as I really don't trust a gig bag (no matter how much foam is in it) for a hollow-body instrument.

Glad to join the ranks of Gretsch owners.


Just to make a correction: I mentioned that I bought my Gretsch yesterday and posted comments on it yesterday. I set up my Gretsch account with my name (Jake Conte) and now that I was able to edit my profile switched to Jolly Jakester. Glad to be Gretschen.


Welcome Jake! And congrats on the new bass!

We have discovered that Gretsch has made some of these in 2011 also, no word on the quantity as of yet...

If you read the previous pages of this thread, you certainly have found the most complete record of this bass to date. As far as a case for it, the best I have found by far is the Road Runner RRMBA 17 ABS. That's Road Runner, Molded Bass Acoustic, 17", ABS plastic. It's a hard case, it locks, it's only $100. GC will be the ONLY place to find one.

Here's a shot of my 5120 and 5123-B in them. I use this case for both guitars, The neck support is awesome, vertical movement is zero, and it's archtop, so there's room for a bigsby if you have one.

Only two cons I see with this case:

1.) A 512x body is 16" at the lower bout, the case is 17", so there's an inch of wiggle room. This is easily remedied by putting the strap beside the body, or the cleaning cloth that I KNOW will live in the case, right? :P Also, the strap buttons on the guitar will help to hold it pretty firmly in place. Plus, since this is a BASS case, the padding seems to be a little heartier than in the comparable guitar case. Bonus.

2.) For a guitar, there is (non)issue No. 1, and the fact that the headstock has about 6" more than it needs in this case. Again, not a "real" problem, but hey, it's there.

Hope this helps Jake, and Welcome again!!


HI folks, new Gretsch owner here. Bought a G5123B from Guitar Center in Columbus, Oh 9/26/2011 (with road runner case). Serial # KS11073764 , my guess is this was made in 2011. Came with round-wounds, so I bought flats for it. I took it to a gig last Saturday - liked it rather well. Only encountered a couple songs that were a challenge on the hollowbody. I just need to tweak the tone a bit, some of the low stuff was blending together. I'll be using it at gigs quite a bit.



That is indeed a 2011 model. Glad you like it. I agree that the rounds were just not quite right for this bass, so I also put flats on it pronto. Next, Proteus is making me a big, fat copper Tru-Arc™ for this beast as we speak :D


Hey Sean!I pretty recently began my Bass playing journey and bought about the cheapest playable bass imaginable. But now I'm saving up for a 5123b and noticed that the south Austin gc has two in stock (at least a few weeks ago they did). I guess they're making a few more and the guys at the store seemed to be at least fairly knowledgeable about the bass.

P.S. That bridge you're talking about made me drool when I read about it, be sure to post some pics when you get it.


Welcome to Boomy-Land, Will. May the Bass be with you:D

I have confirmed both 2010 and 2011 models by serial, so you shouldn't have to worry about these thing disappearing, but then again...


HUZZAH! thanks man, ONLY $400 BUCKS AWAY!....... :( then again, $400 away from it. Still can't wait!

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