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Hey Gretschers,

I've posted this info before in the "Scooped?" post, but decided to start a new topic to make it easier to find info on this bass on a Google search, since those involved know it's absolutely ridiculous to get any info on this Bass. Observe:

What a strange case on this one. I've just gotten GC in Austin, TX to get a G5123B for me from their store in Minneapolis, MN. This was the closest available, and evidently it's one of a very few still ANYWHERE for sale new in the box... IN THE WORLD. I had NO IDEA what I was getting into trying to get info on this bass. Even GC employees, as many have pointed out, are clueless when it comes to this instrument. I called up Gretsch (FMIC-Fender) to ask just how rare my new bass was. I was told that the total number of Electromatic® G5123Bs manufactured is a closely guarded company secret, and that he couldn't give out that information. However, to answer as many questions possible for y'all, here is all of the information that I COULD get from FMIC. Apparently, this is all the info they have. No data sheets, no spec docs, no photos. Here's what we got:

Model Name: FSR G5123B, Electromatic® Bass (5123B)

Model Number: 251-6200-(512)

Exclusive Retailer: Guitar Center (No store was to receive more than 1, some stores received NONE, AKA "Select Stores").

Category: Hollow Body Bass Guitars

Body Style: Single Cutaway

Scale Length: 32" (812.8mm)

Top: Arched Laminated Maple

Bracing: N/A (None?)

Back: Laminated Maple Body, 16" Wide, 2.75" Deep

Neck: 3-Piece Maple

Nut: Derlin (Synthetic Bone)

Width at Nut: 1-11/16" (43mm)

Fretboard: Rosewood, 12" Radius (305mm)

No. of Frets: 22

Bridge: Rosewood Based Adjustomatic® 4-Saddle

Pickups: 2x TV Jones© Thunder'Tron®

Hardware: Chrome-Plated (Manufacturer Unknown)

Machine Heads: Chrome-Plated Die-cast Tuners (Manufacturer Unknown)

Controls: Master Volume, Master Tone, Neck Volume, Bridge Volume (all Gretsch "G-Arrow" Style Knurled Knobs), pickup Selector Switch.

Finish: Gloss Urethane

Color: Sunset/Western Orange & Lotus Ivory Bindings

Strings: Fender, Nickle-Plated, .045, .065, .085, .105

Unique Features: Neo Classic "Thumbnail" Inlay Position Markers, Black Headstock Overlay, White Pearloid Gretsch© and Electromatic® Headstock Inlays, Bound Rosewood Fingerboard, Bound Maple Top and Back, No Pickguard, Knurled Strap Retainer Knobs, Adjustable Truss Rod.

U.S. MSRP: $1,150.00

Source: Japan

Introduced: 2010


Gretsch says that these basses come from JAPAN, however, in the limited information that I was able to dig up before calling Gretsch, most people claimed that the neck has "MADE IN KOREA" stamped on the back. I will be interested to see what mine says. It should be here (Austin) late this week, or mid next week, weather depending.

I hope that this is good information for y'all, pictures to follow when the bass comes in. Rock (Bop, Hop, Swing and Jam) on!



The back of the headstock on my G5123B is clearly marked with the serial and "MADE IN KOREA"


I saw one of these today at my local GC on my lunch hour. I took some crappy iPhone photos but I cannot upload them to Photobucket from my work pc. I'll have to do it when I get home tonight. I think it was going for either $799 or $899.


Wow! As an impoverished bass player on the wrong side of the pond I thought my dreams were finally answered, an affordable Gretsch hollowbody bass at last. Damn Not to be, according to Ed Treat at Gretsch, these were a GC special factory order only.

Guess I'll have to keep saving the £ (and it's a lot of £ this side of the pond!)


I was hoping these would be in full production by now too,but now that i can't buy me some Gretsch bass,i quite like this Hofner Verithin 500/7 Bass,and only £549!


Ooh I like that Hofner



Thanks, man. I'm new to Gretsch as far as guitars go, and also to this forum. I'm primarily a kit drummer, but wanted to pick up the bass. I got a hold of this thing and fell in love. I've just received mine yesterday, and many, MANY Pictures will follow. This is probably quite the faux pas, but could you instruct me on how to add this beautiful instrument to the database? (and why, for the love of all that's holy, is the database in the BASS-ment not called the data-BASS?) Just a thought...




I plan on starting a youtube account or a photbucket, just so that y'all can really see this thing. I'll post links as soon as I get it done, gimme a few days. I've learned very little since this thing was introduced, but as a bit of insight to those who are wondering how rare these things are, (Gretsch/FMIC will NOT give an actual number) I was told, like many others, that no GC was supposed to have more than one, and not every store got one. (Select stores.) I did some checking, and there are 215 Guitar centers in America. Having said that, I would say that these are at current in the neighborhood of about 1 in 200, or less.

For those of you following the post, the "guy off the street" price on this thing is $799, and the Road Runner Case that Pilgrim was so nice to point out in the "Scooped?" post (Roadrunner RRMBA 17 ABS Molded Acoustic Bass Guitar Case, UPC: 6 56238 01 527 1) goes for $109, and he did NOT lie, It fits like a glove! GC is the only place I can find this thing, and like the G5123B, the RRMBA 17 case is a ghost. Not on RRs website, not on GCs website, not in GCs computers. However, like the bass, if you walk into a store you might find one, my local Austin GC had 3, just not in the system. If I hadn't had an insider at GC, (and of course all y'all awesome Gretschens out there) I would not have known about this case.

Not to try to make anyone jealous, but I had to get this off my chest, just because I'm still glowing from receiving this thing yesterday. Here's the Raw Numbers:

List: $1150.00

Sticker: $799.00

Case: $109.00

Total out door with case (Tax not inc.): $908.00

.......Now here's the Kicker:......

List: $1150.00

Sticker: $799.00

Case: $0.00 (GC actually transferred this thing for me, without my asking, WITH THE CASE, FOR FREE! (This was a secial circumstance, however, so don't expect this thing to come with a free case!)

So, total out door with FREE case, Tax not included:$799!

P.S. By the way, I'm LOVING That Great Gretsch Sound. Consider me a Bona Fide lifetime fan of Gretsch Guitars. Y'all stay awesome,



Hey Sean, was that GC north or south? I'd snatch one up in a hot second even though I don't play bass.



Because of the rarity of the Gretsch® G5123B Electromatic® 4 String Hollow Body Passive Acoustic/Electric Bass Guitar, the fact that I received what I would no doubt call "special treatment" in the acquisition thereof, as well as my having exposed as much info on this bass as possible with a bit of inside help, I'd rather not say which store exactly this thing came from. The Music (and Music Store) Industry is fiercely competitive in this area (sounds like you're from these parts, so no surprise there,) and I'd hate to hurt anyone's feelings. The fact that there are two GCs in Austin, and the fact that GC is the only retailer that carries the Gretsch® G5123B Electromatic® 4 String Hollow Body Passive Acoustic/Electric Bass Guitar is the only reason I mentioned the retailer at all. Not to mention that Gretsch-FMIC® is being VERY secretive about the Gretsch® G5123B Electromatic® 4 String Hollow Body Passive Acoustic/Electric Bass Guitar, and they might get agitated with the retailer or its employees. The fact is, I had to sit down in an office with some very old friends and make calls to GCs across the nation one by one until a Gretsch® G5123B Electromatic® 4 String Hollow Body Passive Acoustic/Electric Bass Guitar was found for me. Like I've said before, the one I ended up with was in Minnesota, coming here to Austin. I hate to be a pessimist, but I doubt very seriously that there are more than a few left out there at most, and they can't be looked up by GC (they're not in GCs computer system.) This means that in order to locate a Gretsch® G5123B Electromatic® 4 String Hollow Body Passive Acoustic/Electric Bass Guitar, you'd have to sit down with a list, and start calling GCs one at a time. There's only 215...

Good Luck, -s

P.S. - Just wanted y'all to know I'm not a sales dude or factory rep or any of them types of folks (obviously.) I'm putting the full Part No./Name of this bass as many times as possible in each post in order to direct searchers to this thread. As we all know, there is so little info out there, I'm trying to get some of it into the light. Vote this topic up anytime you check it out, lets get this thing exposed!

P.P.S. Gretsch® G5123B Electromatic® 4 String Hollow Body Passive Acoustic/Electric Bass Guitar !!!



I promised y'all a bunch of pictures, Here's the first run, some of the artsier ones... many more to follow, I promise!


Absolutely lovely! I'd buy one, if I could. Please, please, please Gretsch, make this available in Europe!


I just bought my 5123b on President's Day (Feb 21) at the GC in Fairview Heights, Illinois. It was the only one there and the salesman said they had put it out that morning (I was there when it opened). I bought it immediately and am happy I did. Picked up a Road Runner case for it as well and it fits perfectly. I think I was at the right place and at the right time for this scoop!


snorre, that is a 6119B that they advetise for and they are asking $949.97. I had just looked at it before you had posted it.



The pic that snorre posted IS in fact a G5123B Electromatic, not a 6119B Broadkaster. The Broadkaster has bound F-holes, a fancy looking Pickgaurd and Pearloid pickup trim rings. Basically the fancy version of the Electromatic. Other than these few differences, I believe that they are the same guitar. It does seem strange that the Electromatic® bass wouldn't have the pickguard though, since the Electromatic® six-strings have always had them. Just a thought... Having done a LOT of research on the Electromatic Bass, (I'm probably the World's foremost Expert at this point, which is scary, 'cause I have very little information...) so I can spot one a mile away. Plus, you can see the 799 price tag on snorre's post if you look close enough. (Not to mention that he took a snapshot of the headstock, which clearly says "ELECTROMATIC" on it.)

6119B Broadkaster®

G5123B Electromatic®



I didn't have anyone notice, but in the flikr link I posted, you can see the nylon washer on my G tuning machine is worn almost completely away, I lucked out AGAIN, and the other Austin store still had theirs! Same story, "Wasn't in the computer, didn't know we could sell it." Even swap! and my new Electromatic has a much lower serial! Ill add it to the data-Bass soon:)

P.S. More Pics soon, I promise!



FYI ,I as the rest of you was unaware of the disposition of the Gretsch bass 5123b until further discussion with GC . Iam an owner of a 5123b with great satisfaction. I have been told that the 5123b is a very limited production for GC only. It is a purposed production model sent out to test its acceptance in the bass category. According to what I have read so far , the 5123b is doing well. If anyone is interested , GC in Tucson ,AZ. had another one. Good luck and enjoy


wise guy,

I couldn't agree more! These basses have got to be the sweetest deal around right now, for those of us lucky enough to get our hands on one. For those still interested, the GC in North Austin, TX, just sent my first one back to Gretsch® for repair, so they should get it back on the shelves in a couple weeks. First come, first serve, good luck! -Sean S.


Sorry, I looked up Gretsch basses on theused Gear for GC and seen the picture of the 6119B and it looked just liked the picture above. I need to start getting more sleep! lol


hi seansvs - if I had known this might come out on general release in Electromatic guise I would have held off buying a different hollow body bass just recently. Anyway, congratulations, it's a beauty ! And you are also the world No.1 expert 8-)



If that pic you're using for your avatar is your new bass (cant's quite tell), congrats on your new Epi. If that's a six-string (I see the bigsby), then you might want to check out the Epiphone Jack Cassidy Signature series Bass, I'ts basically the 4-string version of your pictured guitar:

...and it goes for $799, I almost bought it, but the Gretsch® G5123B Electromatic® 4 String Hollow Body Passive Acoustic/Electric Bass is just so sweet...

Keep this post alive, y'all! Let's show Gretsch that we want MORE!!!



Me again Gretschens,

So, for those of you following the post, and my personal history with the G5123B, It will be of no great surprise to announce that I have some fantastic news:

The first G5123B that I returned to GC with a bad tuning machine has already been fixed, and is back on the shelf again. (All it needed was literally the nylon washer replaced.)

Sorry, scratch that - it's already been bought...

That's right, fellas, I'm now the proud owner of every Gretsch FSR G5123B Electromatic Hollow Body (Passive) Electric / Acoustic Bass Guitar within 50 miles of Austin, TX. (That would be 2...) :D

Just had to put that out there, I'm giddy as a schoolgirl right now. Just the thought of going home to my pair of beautiful, curvy twins makes me blush a little, I feel like I'm back in college... !#$@% -Sean


I wish they had made one of these in black! I am totally digging my 5123-B. She has become my main axe! It was weird going back to a 4 string though, but she sounds so much better than my Fender American Standard 5 string P-bass.



Black eh? I could see that, but only in a super high gloss. It just so happens that when people ask me what my favorite color is, I usually say, "Imagine an amber sunburst on a '56 Gibson, now take the slightly smokey, ever so slightly more than UT burnt orange color right out of the middle, it's that color, kind of smoky orange maybe?" ...which is exactly how I had to describe this bass for someone at GC to realize what I was talking about. So I can't complain about the color, but I could definitely rock one of these tuxedo style. I'll keep my eyes out... -Sean


I also have a beautiful orange Broadkaster, my 1970 Fender P bass has been collecting dust since i got it 10 years ago. My only suggestion ( and I strongly suggest it )is to make an immediate improvement to the neck strap button. Mine had a simple wood screw strap button and was dangerously loosening itself constantly. I brought it to a friend here in Boston and he put a fixed strap button that is vastly superior. I'm a huge Gretsch fan but the new stuff straight from the factory all seem to need some kind of tweaks.



Thankfully on the new G5123Bs, the strap bottons are screw-on, so that's no longer a problem. I definitely agree that Gretsch guitars need a bit of tweaking out of the box. With the G5123B Electromatic, It's essential, since the bridge is free-floating, and comes with protective shipping foam between the bridge and soundboard. This also means adjusting the intonation on it every time you change the strings. This is standard procedure for hollowbodies, I'm told, as I've said before, I'm a seasoned kit drummer, but strings are new to me. Having said that, if ANYONE has ANY kind of tips, tricks, etc. for Bass ingeneral, Hollowbodies, or this specific guitar, all help is greatly appreciated...

-Sean S.


Hi Sean,

I didn't mean to ignore your comments, just been away from here for a while. Thanks for uploading the Epiphone JC photo, that looks cool ! Avatar is the 6 string Gretsch G5128. My very first Gretsch and a lovely thing to behold. On the 4 string front, I needed (you know how these things happen) a hollow body bass but could not afford a Broadkaster so got myself a Korean copy of a Dean Stylist. This was very cheap as I wanted to do some mods (pickups swapped out for Filtertrons, new control knobs and a piezo transducer inside the body - trying to get the ultimate accoustic tone). Oh, and repaint to come aswell. It's a Frankenstein!

Which all makes me a little sad if Gretsch produce an affordable Electromatic bass as I would have held off. Never mind, it's all part of life's rich tapestry and I have learned a few things along the way. You are in the right place for tips, the guys here are very patient with newbies and have a wealth of knowledge. My only simple little trick for you - when changing strings first mark the bridge position with masking tape, saves a few moments when setting up again. Cheers and congrats on your new basses, sounds like you are having fun !



I'm a little late to this party, but welcome to the GDP! Glad you like your bass -- I'm just down the road in San Antonio. We got quite a few Texans here... a couple in Austin, Dallas, Houston and of course San Antonio.

Hmmm... Maybe it's time to organize a Lone Star Roundup... Big Jim?

Anyway, welcome!

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