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I think you may now be our No. 1 authority.

I really like the Committee that you finished natural...


Plus who else has a pair of TK-300 guitars in both finishes?


There is a disconnect here somewhere. Did a post get deleted?


No disconnect...

Lots of Gretsch Basses were loaded into the Registry yesterday.

Member "Gentlemanbass" has only posted once, late 2015.

I gather from Australia?

Hoping he chats us up a bit...


No disconnect...

Lots of Gretsch Basses were loaded into the Registry yesterday.

Member "Gentlemanbass" has only posted once, late 2015.

I gather from Australia?

Hoping he chats us up a bit...

– Twangmeisternyc

Just stumbled onto this thread. From Canada.

Just added a 1963 6070 with the end pin to the collection

Pre 1980 Gretsch basses are great instruments. What can I say - I am an amateur musician - well I get paid - do about 50 gigs a year but its not my day job. I play all of them - all in the rotation - except the 2002 Jet - no filtertrons - has lots of bottom but not the character of the supertron pickups. Switched out a TV Jones someone had put into the 7606 Broadkaster - put it into several basses and not sold on their superiority - maybe I'll put it into the Jet. I have tried Fender era Gretsches and - they are nice - but they are al the same. I am a pre rebirth of Gretsch player - hand made instruments - no 2 alike - the 6070's are different, as are the Broadkasters, TK300's and Committees. I just checked out another 6071 and again different than the one I have - but I am holding out for a 6073 - only need 2 29" scale basses. Well if I can find a Bikini also a 29" scale ..... .

The TK's - blondie slender neck with light flats -super fast - the red one has a chunkier neck with medium round wounds - rockier. The red one is about a pound heavier and the body is visibly thicker. I have switched strings on them and they do not sound the same. And the TK's are beautiful instruments contrary to what has been written. Picasso like pick guard and the indent in the bottom is genius. And as a Canadian the hockey game is frequently on in the bars. I play the theme song from Hockey in Canada on one of those babies while swinging the headstock.

Flats on the 1963 6070 - rounds on the fretless modified 1967 6070 - that one growls - the 63 has a neck like a baseball bat but is surprisingly comfortable - and that cello pin is a nice touch as is the working mute. These are seriously amazing high quality instruments - brown Falcons in my opinion.

The one that surprised me most is the 1977 Broadkaster 7605 came with cheap round wounds but sounds so good I have not touched a thing - surprisingly different from the 75 Broadkaster. It has a visibly thicker body and neck than the 7606 - more than a pound difference. These are big basses and kinda ugly - check out the guitar equivalents and the wide body is sort of a stretched out Fender - but the finish and quality is impeccable. And the sound - huge.

The Baldwin era - making bad instruments - if those are bad instruments then I know nothing. Nor does my luthier who marvels at the quality

The refinished Committee is my first instrument so it will always have a special place - put in my first 10 thousand hours on it and a 69 Precision. Then I switched to upright for 10 years (still play those) and when I picked up my electrics again - it was the 78 Committee and the 67 6070 that band mates insisted I played based on the sound. Then I bought another one and now I can't stop ....

So if anyone ever sees a 7615... the unicorn of Gretsch Basses (August 72- October 73) ... it was imaginatively called the Solid Body Bass .... let me know.

The 1969 Fender Precision as nice as it is I rarely play any more as something about these Gretches.

Any questions?


Pics! I love my tks!


Glad you had the chance to fill the blanks!

Definitely our Resident Gretsch Bass Expert...

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