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Fretless bass strings


I have tried everything including TI flats which I did like best till now. I recently tried LaBella Deep Talkin white tape-wounds. Beautiful sound, lots of mwah and they feel smooth and easy.





Might have been silly to ask, I just remember back in the day when Don Schiff yanked all the frets out his Fender...

One of the best bass players you'll ever hear...still mesmerized he did it back when we were in High School!

I even think he played Round Wounds after doing so, when flats would have been the norm.


I like the sound of round wounds on a fretless but they will chew a rosewood soundboard up. Now I have an ebony neck which holds up good.


I was just talkin in the other new bass thread about my short scale, mashup Tiesco Del Rey fretless bass. I yanked the frets, inlaid some glow in the dark "friendly plastic" and laid about 50 coats of water base urethane over the rosewood. Then I polished it up and my roundwounds haven't even scuffed it in 15 years now. I use the lightest gauge strings I can since it is 30" scale and a center post hollow body. I use the 4 high strings off a Carvin med. 6 string set 30, .045, .065, .085. It really does doublebass sounds pretty well. I used to take a couple inches of shrink tubing and shrink it on each string just next to the bridge over the pickup. It made it woodier and took the natural sustain down to believable, but I find it still sounds fine and I get my sustain, without.

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