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Forgotten Magic Basslines


Yes. At last. A thread for really nice basslines hidden away in songs we'd kinda forgotten about. Any era, any style. Just should be really nice and a little bit off the beaten track.

Let's start the bass-ball a-rollin with 'King In a Catholic Style' by China Crisis. The bass figure is bubbly, hypnotic, circular and a swine to play. There's a very nice guitar break too.-


Good lad! The Freddy Washington clip makes it double good.


It's hard to make it out without a decent stereo (or headphones), but a friend pointed out that Blood Sweat and Tears "You've Made Me So Very Happy" has an awesome bassline.


Just about anything that Sade's bass player hammered out in her early CD's


Good one Otter, nice clipped Jamerson stylings.

Here's a smasher. Stu Cook on a late Creedence track, the soulful 'It's Just A Thought' from the Pendulum album. Melodic and imperative with some very cool pedal notes, especially over the end figure.


This bass just knocked me over.

Little Milton, "Grits Ain't Groceries". I believe Louis Satterfield providing this tasty groove..

Grits Ain't Groceries


heard this the other day and was suprised how cool the bass line was..almost motown in parts, proggy in others

box burrell was a veteran of many uk 60's soul bands before becoming bassist in king crimson, and then most successfully in bad company

he used an unusual fretless ampeg bass which contributed greatly to this track, as u can hear his fretless slides and slurs in between his rock solid lines

ready for love off the first bad company lp




This is one of my all time favorite bass lines. Normally, I don't learn a bass line or a guitar solo like the record, but there was no way I could improve on this one so I learned it note for note.


Tony Levin with King Crimson "Elephant Talk" The most infectious groove everLink...


I've always really liked the bass line in Lovely Rita


I always liked this one by Steven Thompson, playing on John Mayall's fine album The Turning Point


"Badge" Cream; "Lucy in the Sky" Beatles; "Time of the Season" Zombies.

Just a few old "catchy" ones to me.


Ooooh yeah, +1 on "Time of the Season" JD...


Alice In Chains "No Excuses" and "Swing On This" U2's "Mysterious Ways" The Who "My Generation" Mad Season "Wake Up" Oasis "Go Let It Out" The Beatles "The Ballad Of John & Yoko"


I see the title of this thread is for 'forgotten' basslines. Tommy Cogbill's work on 'Son Of A Preacher Man' by Dusty Springfield is not by any means forgotten, but it still leaves me feeling gobsmacked.

I hate the relentless general overuse of the word 'awesome' but the bass playing on this record is, er, 'awesome'.

Less well known, another favourite of mine with some nifty bass work is the Vanilla Fudge cover of Evie Sands' 'Take Me For A Little While'.


Just about anything by Chris Squire but "Roundabout" stands out to me because the sound seemed so unusual for the time.

Carol Kaye (I think) had some interesting bass lines on Mama's and Papas recordings. 8-o 8-o

Who did that song "Dance with me" Orleans? That had a great bass part.

"My Generation"

"Innagaddadivida" Ha!


I like the funk bass line in FORGET ME NOTS

First funk line I learned several weeks ago when I got my Music Man funk thumper

-- Jeff O(h Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree)

And who turned you onto that one Mr. Fancy Pants???

Tuggery aside, Freddie Washington is awesome.

-- Judd

Actually, it was in a Bass Player Magazine special edition - BASS SLAPPERS - I bought in Indy during a road trip this past summer. It was that magazine that got me thinking about learning some funk lines. That's when I got the surf green Fender Precision. You didn't tell me about it until after I bought the MusicMan bass(es).


But credit where credit is due...Judd told me about it and I put 2 and 2 together and found the Freddie Washington lesson on youtube.


Too many, thousands and thousands, take your pick.....

But give a listen to Duck Dunn on the Blues Bros version of "She Caught the Katy" Duck Dunn...

Or Leon Wilekson of Lynyrd Skynyrd on That Smell... Leon... Or his galloping on the live version of Freebird at the end.

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