The Bass-ment

For the Coffee-addicted Bassist in your Life…


Our garbage disposal devoured one of our last remaining demitasse spoons...these were found as a replacement.

What's a good Expresso without some Demerara sugar, eh?


Cool spoons. But if there's one thing I hate in coffee almost as much as milk it's sugar. Milk is worse, but not by much. Yes I know, I'm weird. But for me coffee should be strong, have an edge of bitterness from a thick crema, and no milk or sugar.

Cool spoons though.


Put them in the database.


My friend and co-guitarist in the band, brought one back for me from vacation. They're cool.


I'm going to order a set, thank you


Those are pretty cool, I have a few novelty coffee items. I've got a tall coffee cup with a heat activated Cpt Kirk, on a transporter pad. As you drink the coffee, Kirk is "Beamed Up". Perhaps Cpt Kirk needs a bass guitar.


I'm with Jimmy : no need for a spoon when it comes to coffee.... but if you gotta have one...


If you can't stir a little cream into your coffee with your finger, you ain't man enough to drink it.

If you put any sweetener in it, there's no ambiguity in the matter. Go ahead and use your spoon.


Well then, ... tough crowd!

Instead of a Coffee-addicted Bassist using a raw Sugar derivative, how about we just go back to the 70's and 80's and look for an alternative use for "refined Coca Leaf derivative"- addicted Bassists?

Who drinks Expresso black? That's like Mainlining....

I stopped drinking coffee a couple months ago, it's an inner ear problem.

But back in the day for the drive to work, I had a double-double Expresso, with a teaspoon of raw Hawaiian sugar, a squirt of Hershey's Dark syrup, and a splash of Half and Half.

Mocha Motoring!!!

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