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Flea Market Score!


Ibanez BTB400QM for $30!

 photo D5471B6A-3783-4BDF-9CBF-4B6A47652B08_zpsl1kdjzbr.jpg Passive pickups with a active eq. 35" scale. Quilted maple top. Needs a serious cleaning and a setup but everything works.

 photo E14E1510-67BB-46AA-8702-470A3F820295_zpsjvvkru0i.jpg

 photo B125CFD7-32DB-4B92-AF41-DA6F79AB18C7_zpsn1nnimzz.jpg

I need to decide on a set of strings for it and have been reading the recent thread on strings for bass.

 photo CFDD29A1-BBD1-4267-9CEB-42DAB2712233_zpsvoyybyfh.jpg

Missing the trc...guess I'll need to make one for it.

 photo DB65951E-6CCE-40FD-A7EE-65615C132A77_zpsrw88gj1n.jpg

 photo DCD1FFCA-E038-4871-B610-86CD718A62DD_zps4blwe0p6.jpg


Great deal, Paul!


I like that bridge! With passive pups and active eq, there's not much you can't do. Is the eq defeatable?

35 inches?! That's an armful!

Great find


Thanks Twom. The lady I got it from commented that the parts are worth more than what I was paying. I haggled with her for 5 minutes. It only had two strings on it at the time and no way for me to plug it in and test it. Action was way high as a result.

It's got a neutrix jack on the side...a first for me.

Yeah otter 35"! I'm getting used to it. It rattles the windows and heating ducts. It's got a 18v (2 battery system) in the back. I've not tried unhooking them yet. The concentric pots have a center indent on them so I'm not sure it that takes it out or not. Still experimenting with it.


Wow, Paul! Great snag. Big bass fun, huh?


Good on ya, man. $30.00? Can't beat it with a stick.


You could, actually. When executed cleanly and tastefully, drumsticks on bass strings produce a powerfully percussive sound-o-funky-doom.

For 30.00, you can afford to beat it up a little.


Yeap, BIG bass fun, but it's light weight. That's a plus for me. I'll try the stick on it.

Saw Zoso last month and the Page impersonator brought ought his bow. Wishing now I would have kept a fiddle around.

Thanks guys!


That a great find. I saw Dick Dale do a drum stick bass solo, wild stuff!


Cool. I have a cheap bass for recording, but it's hard to keep it in tune. Need to upgrade at some point...


Cool catch, Paul!

The finds are still out there!


$30! I love it. Great score. One of my favorite local bands growing up had an amazing bass player that played a black Ibanez bass. I have a soft spot for them as a result.


Thanks guys! I'm enjoying it as is but I really need to disassemble it and clean it. Some of the bridge saddles are stuck and I can't lower them. Some tweaking is needed.


Hey, for 30 bucks, tweak away. Nice score, Paul!


Great find! Wanna double your money?



Let me think about it...still messing with it.


That IS a great score. Ibanez basses are way cool. Even the cheap ones. Which this one is definitely not. Great bass to have for a guitar player.


"It only had two strings on it at the time and no way for me to plug it in and test it. Action was way high as a result."



Yes yes, I messed that up didn't I?

It just needed two more strings, proper tension and a truss rod adjustment.

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