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First Bass Lesson - First Bass Blister


Sorry ... A friend of mine is featured on the cover of the latest UK Acoustic Magazine and I thought that I should spread the word...

He will be touring in the states this spring and I highly recommend that you check him out!

Here is a picture of him enjoying one of my guitars -

And here is his home page -


BTW - This guy often tours with Tommy Emmanuel and others but this year he is doing a solo tour...

Believe it or not he was at one time a touring band member with Madonna!


Saw Clive with Tommy at the Mick Jagger Centre in Dartford a few years ago - great player.


Hey Deke-

I'm sorry that I missed the opportunity to bond with you at Phila's incredible Nashville venue this year ... I had the great pleasure to attend the past two years ... Unfortunately I couldn't make it this time ...I did vicariously attend through Tim/Proteus' videos however ... Great Stuff!

Yeah Clive is a great player and a super nice guy!

Later ...



Yeah, would've been great to catch up with you too, 57.

Let's do it next year. :D

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