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A year ago I asked for donations and help for an African luthier. I stopped the project since many doubted if he was really poor and not pulling our leg. It took me a long time to confirm his story. It is true.

Christian missionary organisation JC:HEM confirmed it, plus two westerners from Sweden and Ireland told me the same: the luthier has almost nothing.

Wifi is very common in Malawi and everyone MUST have a smartphone to do banking. And Patron the luthier has a suit to wear. That's about it: he doesn't own much more.

If you check his facebook, you'll find a man with a laptop. That is not Patron but his friend who died. People are often photographed with their nicest items; it doesn't make them rich.

If you are willing to send ANYTHING guitar: strings, pickups, tuning gears etc.etc. then send it here:

Mushamuka Nyirenda Patron - Guitar Maker

Dzaleka Refugee Camp

P.O Box 31711 Lilongwe



You can order a $200 guitar which looks like this:


I was going to ask if his guitars could be purchased. Wouldn't that help him best?


Yes that would help him best. Let's say the guitars have their own charm. But any help is welcome.

The guitar you see in the picture is bought by a man in Sweden. He sent Patron some strings and pickups. Even discarded but labeled strings are usable: conditions are harsh in the camp. Patron can travel to a few towns but money is an issue. He would like to go back to Congo but he can't and thus he is trapped in Malawi. For 8 years now.


The latest electric guitar almost ready for export.


Progress in Malawi: a cool headstock logo!


The boss himself, in his shop.

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