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Delayed NBD 73/75 Fender Precision


The neck is a 1973 A-width (jazz bass width), and the body is 1975 with original p pickup, bridge, covers, pg, 2 knobs, jack, and both neck plates (body/neck).

That leaves the thumbrest, one knob, pots, and j-bass pickup as replacements. The body came poorly routed (hence the goof ring). The new pickup is a Curtis Novak split coil jazz pickup and is a little hotter to keep up with the p.

The neck is nice and worn in and the bass put together weighs 8-8.5lbs - featherweight for a 70s Fender bass. It has that nice 70s ash body/maple neck growl and bite and with the narrow jazz bass neck is comfy to play. The jazz pu adds some versatility that I wouldn't have sought out if the body hadn't been such a good deal and light. My band mates convinced me to go for it since I already had a nice precision.

On a related note, after playing this a-width neck, my Avri 62 p bass neck is for sale off my other bass since I'll be grabbing a new usacg neck for it once the old one sells.


When I stop getting "500 internal error", I will post pics.


Been getting that problem also...

Narrow neck P Basses are fairly rare


Sorry about that. I gave up and started a photobucket account.


That's a bitchin bass! Enjoy


Cool bass sir,congrats!


Thanks, I originally bought the body because it came with a jazz bass neck and was super cheap considering what all came with it. That neck ended up not being as advertised and subsequently returned. The body ended up being light enough and had a nice burst, so I went with it.

I found this 1973 a width precision neck for a great deal and was lucky. I spent under $1000 on the bass.

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