The Bass-ment

Bobby’s Bassment: Detroit Bass Day 2014


Bobby Vega is a world-class collector and vintage bass freak of the first order. The gear is real.

It all started last year when I saw a picture of the Detroit Bass Players group with their basses, standing in front of the Motown Museum. Look at all those bass players, I thought. Wow, that’s cool! And then I discovered their BASSmint videos on YouTube. I knew there was something special happening. I had to visit.

I was at work one day when a guy named René Santiago called about an EMG P pickup. After I helped him choose the right one, I asked where he was from. When René said that he lived in Detroit, I told him I wanted to play his city. Long story short, he made some calls, I made some calls, and next thing I knew, my new friend and bass brother René was picking me up at DTW. From there, it was nonstop: After dropping my bags and brushing my teeth, I went straight to meet the musicians and hit soundcheck at the historic United Sound System Studios, the venue for Detroit Bass Day 2014— which was billed as a tribute to the funk.

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