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Black Tape Electric Bass Strings…talk to me….


I think I might like these, anybody have comments?

D'Add makes a 34" set, La Bella as well...

Any other brands a favorite?


Rotosound makes this fat honkin 115s in that style.

Back in the day we called the black La Bellas 'elephant hairs'.

Interesting how guitars strings are referred to buy the high E... 10s, 11s, but bass strings are referred to by low E

They usually go in 5's: 90/95/100/110/115


La Bella 760N is @ 115

I do want heavier gauge...

Let me check out the Rotos


Thought 115 was heavy as they got. Gonna be some serious tension on long scale!


115 is the heaviest, lots of sets are @ 100...even a few @ 95.


I have black tape strings on a Yamaha fretless.

They sound smooth.


I'll get a set of these for this...

It came with Dean Markley Blue Steel Roundwounds, Medium Light, 105-80-65-45.

My E String tone is a bit hollow to my ears, might just be an "off" string. The others are all very true and full.

The Rotos are heavier all the way up. I'm tempted to use the 5-string set, foregoing the G...tuning B E A D.


I love black tapes. That is all. But then I like for the bass to make LOW notes. I hate that slappy modern “bucket a beans” bass tone.


Black tape strings are great for "feel it in your gut" bass.


I went Shopping today locally, no luck, I'll buy online tonight.


Strings on order, and I corrected my "hollow" sounding E String...turns out my slot was a bit undersized, string riding high versus fully nested.

I am surprised I hadn't noticed, but with all the ReLo stuff since it arrived, and expecting everything to be fine otherwise on a new instrument, it slipped past me.

I'll need to make a new nut for the Black Tapes...maybe two.


I've got a set on a Squier Vista Musicmaster Bass and I love the sound and feel of them.


I've been using LaBella tapes for a few years. Round wounds, while having the sound I like, tear my fingers to shreds. I used stainless flats for a while, but they were too dull. A friend gave me a set of tapes and I'll never go back to regular flats. I've installed and played around with a few sets from Fender as well that were pretty solid.

My LaBellas are almost 4 years old on a Peavey P bass, and still sound bright and punchy.


Black Tapes on after two new nuts made. One for B-E-A-D, the other E-A-D-G.

The Holidays and the Flu slowed things down a few weeks...

Much more the Bass sound I prefer compared to Light Gauge Roundwounds as delivered.

The Low B is a curious thing, it will take my imagination some time to fully utilize.


The Mod-Bar, the last piece of the puzzle...

Keeps the Ball End wrap off the Saddles, keeps the Low E outer wrap off the Tuning Peg.


Much improved tone off the Low E.

These are RotoSound Tru Bass 88's Black Tape.

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