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Any info on this new Gretsch Rumble’Tron bass pickup?


I'm trying to update some stuff in the database, including adding new models to the model profiles.

Need some info on this new Gretsch bass pickup. All I know is that it's on the new Tom Petersson 4-string bass.

Does anyone know if it's a dual coil or single coil pickup? I know there's only one set of polepieces, but that is not a true indicator of the number of coils. It's so freaking huge, I just gotta believe there's 2 coils under the hood, possibly split like a P-bass pickup? Anybody got any idea?


Joe Carducci?



Man that's a bunch Trons we have....

FilterTron HiLo Tron SuperTron

and now all these MODERN WORLD Trons that I can't keep track of.



– Setzer

As far as I know, it's presently only available on this one guitar. It's the gigantic neck pickup in this photo:


Looks like a variant on the Gibson EB pickup.


I'll second that EB estimate. I envision a very deep bassy sound out of coils set out wide like that. I think Ovation did that with some 70s basses too.


The more "EB-ish" it sounds, the less chance it would have to pry me away from my Bi-Sonics: not a fan of Gibby mud.

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