The Bass-ment

Allen Woody Short Scale


Just got one and could not be happier. I am not a "REAL" bass player, so needed something that a root note guitar player could play and record with. Paid $400 with HSC and flats.


Cool. I'm a standard or long-scale player, myself. If I get a short scale bass in my hands, I begin to play it as if it is a guitar, which is not what I want.


Short scale, love em. My " Tiesco Del Rey " fretless is short scale. Woody as hell. I put the lightest bass strings I could find on it (30, .045, .065, .085 the high strings off a Carvin med 6 string set for cheap) and it is the most bust ass fun bass I've ever played. Slappin, pullin, pick n fingers, it growls n moos and does the best double bass sounds while doubling as a funk machine. None of this is present in my fancy-shmancy active Ibanhad 6 string 34" scale.

That is one sweet axe you got there. I bet it stays in your collection.

Can't help it, every time I pass by this thread I see "Woody Allen Short Scale". Funny how the brain works, because I know he plays clarinet!


I just had the same thing Deed. Allen Woody has to be pretty sick of all the jokes and remarks, don't you think?

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