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Hello i'm considering a new gretsch purchase. Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on these models> Specs are quite similar, both hollow with open f holes and high upper fret access. I've read various comments regarding the roller bridges on the pre fender models as being a problem and also the pickups aren't too everybody's taste. I prefer the look of the Baldwin model ( i think!. Any comments? Thanks


Bridges can be swapped.

If I'm not mistaken, the baldwin has a 24.6" scale, while the 90s model will probably have 25.5" scale. (verify that!:))


I have to admit that I prefer the look of the Baldwin era model as well.


Nice! I think the baldwins look better as well. Are those tv jones pickups? Were the stocks not very good? Do tv jones fit straight in a Baldwin era CG?


You mean mine or Hermitt's?

Mine has the stock HS filtertrons. They sound great to me. It's actually an '09 Country Gent II, that I'm converting optically to a baldwin-era Gent.


Mine also, as far as I know has the stock Filters that came on it in '92. There is some speculation that because the Black 7594Bs were a limited run (only 100 made)that Duke Kramer may have substituted leftover AlNico pickups that he had laying around. I have never taken my pickups apart to find out tho, because they sound awesome to me! ;-)

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