The Bass-ment

Academy of Bluegrass


OK so a guy took some video of us in Cape May, came out pretty good.

No one is more surprised than me ;-)

You Tubage!


The videos turned out great Billy! Cool choice of songs too. What model Guild were you playing?


Great chops, tight sounding band. Thumbs Up!!


Sounds like proper old school barroom blues. You sure do bring a LOT of guitars to gigs!


OK for those who wonder, I am playing my 58 Guild CE100D thru a Vox Night Train amp. I use the Carl Martin Quattro as my overdrive, delay, compression, and tremelo. Good Stuff

Funnily enough 4 out of the 5 songs recorded here, we have NEVER Played as a band before. Anyone care to guess which one is a regular tune for us.

Here are the other tunes

Pinball Wizard

Listen to her heart, Wild Thing


I would guess Listen To Her Heart, Wild thing


Excellent, big thumbs up. Great playing, great guitars....8-)


Watching that excellent video made me wax a little nostalgic about my bar gig days with the thick smoke, drunks requesting the same song over and over again, the fist fights, gun fights, flying ashtrays, billiard balls, beer bottles, and broken cue sticks. Ahhhh... those were the good old days and I sure miss 'em.

I love your band Billy. If I were in your area I'd love to come jam with you. I haven't gotten hit in the head with a 9-ball for a long, long time.


Well they outlawed smoking indoors up here.

You could certainly Jam with me anytime , Bear.

As for the one song in the bunch that we regularly play, it's "Pride an Joy" Everything else was pretty much off the cuff! :P


Go, Billy, Go!


Way to rock it, Billy!

That Guild.... oh, man. Like buttah.

Got to come out to see you at the next one. Here's hopin' that cute blonde shows up too.


Cool Billy! That sounded great.

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