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A Tale Of Two Basses

1. My mate wants to repair his old Japanese EB3 copy, so he asked if I would have a go. I thought why not ??!! It looks pretty beat up, but salvageable. I’ve already sourced some tuners and a Gibson style bridge, plus I need to scratch build a scratch plate. 2. My old Beatle bass is currently fretless, (and unplayable), after a mate thought he’d try to fix it after a bottle or five of red wine. Not happy. A few people have looked at it to refret it but with what I’ve been quoted, I could buy a Hofner Ignition !! It holds some sentimental value to me, so I’ll try it myself. If I stuff it up it’s no big loss to me, I’ll just hang it on the wall as a clock or something.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Wish me luck !!


The Beatle bass


I may have a Korean mudbucker for it, since it appears that is missing.... or maybe also a DiMarzio mudbucker


DCBirdMan, thanks for the offer, I do have the original neck pickup, it was taken out for some reason.

Close up shows a bit more. For some reason someone removed the original bridge and fitted a Fender style one. The original has gone walkabout though.


This is what happens when you try to fit something that doesn’t belong. Need I say more.


A bit of playing around. I think it’ll get there.


Pretty much completed now. New bridge, tuners, and scratchplate. Had a spot of trouble fitting the new bridge posts, my Imperial to Metric conversion was a tad out so the posts were pulling out. Plugged with dowel and redrilled, a shade smaller mind you, they ain’t coming out now !! Strung with flats, neck pickup gives a nice deep bass sound, bridge pickup is kinda quacky, both together sound good except there’s a bit of volume drop. My mates happy with it, now he wants to refinish it in white, but that’s his job. I don’t mind the beat up finish.


These were really comfy, easy playing, powerful instruments. The fat neck pickup had a huge sound. Bigger than even seems possible.

They always remind me of Andy Fraser who played with Free. What a player.

You've done a great job getting it back to the way it should be.


Thanks ade, Yeah, the neck pickup is awesome...huge sound. Im itching to play this at a gig.

I’m thinking of getting a short scale bass, was partial to a Fender Mustang, but after this I think one of these might be a big consideration.


Decided to play the SG at last nights gig. This thing really thumps. Love the sound of the neck pickup on its own.


Good work! Nice save, putting the strings back above the fretboard!

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