The Bass-ment

A Tale Of Two Basses

1. My mate wants to repair his old Japanese EB3 copy, so he asked if I would have a go. I thought why not ??!! It looks pretty beat up, but salvageable. I’ve already sourced some tuners and a Gibson style bridge, plus I need to scratch build a scratch plate. 2. My old Beatle bass is currently fretless, (and unplayable), after a mate thought he’d try to fix it after a bottle or five of red wine. Not happy. A few people have looked at it to refret it but with what I’ve been quoted, I could buy a Hofner Ignition !! It holds some sentimental value to me, so I’ll try it myself. If I stuff it up it’s no big loss to me, I’ll just hang it on the wall as a clock or something.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Wish me luck !!


I may have a Korean mudbucker for it, since it appears that is missing.... or maybe also a DiMarzio mudbucker


DCBirdMan, thanks for the offer, I do have the original neck pickup, it was taken out for some reason.

Close up shows a bit more. For some reason someone removed the original bridge and fitted a Fender style one. The original has gone walkabout though.


This is what happens when you try to fit something that doesn’t belong. Need I say more.


A bit of playing around. I think it’ll get there.

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