The Bass-ment

6071 and Pro Bass


How's this for a beginner's bass rig, circa the '60s? My brother started out with a Gretsch 6170 Pro Bass amp. Unfortunately, he also had a Kingston Beatle Bass, which sounded diabolically bad through the Pro Bass. The Kingston's lack of sustain and grunty, doinky tone didn't do the Pro Bass any justice. The Gretsch 6071 Short Scale Bass however actually works quite well with this amp. Being an open back design, it doesn't have the punch of an enclosed back, but the natural tube compression equals out the level on all of the strings. Kind of a neat set-up for our "going back in time" jam sessions!


What a cool and clean setup from 50+ yrs ago. Maybe 1967... 6071s were the hot lick in basses cause of the Monkees TV show


The 6071 SS Bass is a '68 model and the 6170 Pro Bass amp is a '66.

Remember "Eight is Enough" on ABC-TV back in the late '70s? Tommy Bradford (Willie Aames) had a rock band and his bassist played a 6071 bass. I always got a kick out of the Gretsch 6071's "Garage Band" status.

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