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Ya’ll need to chill out with the girlie pix.


OK Guys - enough - enough!! Bring back the nuns then!



Outstanding! The Helen Thomas shot.

But----- Can you get her in a bikini?


I thought the nun was great. Too bad so many people are so easily offended. It's a PC world these days. I'd like to see people relax a little bit...


I love but know it's not for everybody so why question it. Tim gives us a great place to hang out! Gives us a very long leash maybe too long at times. Somehow we still push the limits. I have been a culprit in this over the years. I enjoy it but yes soimetimes we have to reign it in.



Did you say... it in?


Billy, Gary, I have had it, and I am going to have to confiscate your pictures.


Billy, is that last one you?


what's that saying that eventually the far right and far left are the same.

apparently pc kinda works the same way, and I can count to potato...


Billy...that is now my wallpaper. Good picture of the Ole Crone with a Grown.


It seems I did. I also said soimetimes! I just caught that even after I thought I proofread my post.


Baxter said "... bosses are looking over people's shoulders." Which I take to mean that some people might actually get PAID to look at the Gretsch Pages.

When I'm at work, I'm... well, you know... working.


Dang! A few days away and I miss hot girls AND nuns...


How pretty or ugly would a DUDE have to be before his physical appearance became the focus? If I thought people were focusing on my appearance every time I went out into the world, I'd have to stay home – not because I don't measure up, just because I'd be so distracted and preoccupied I couldn't function.

The recent flurry of hot/zombie nun and ugly women pics has really put me off. I don't know to what purpose that all happened. At first the nun pics appeared to be intended to provoke and offend – to hurt people. That's neither like the GDP or the people involved. They then seemed aimed to titillate, and in a fairly puerile and adolescent way. I don't know which is worse. I've been trying to think of way in which it could all be seen as innocent, distracting fun...and I can only almost get there.

Then came the pics of less physically attractive women, and to me that felt like a kick in the gut. I think it must have been intended as comic relief, but it looked like ridicule. Bad enough to publicly mock fat people (as occasionally happens) or addicts, but those can be seen as elective disabilities, some folks inspirationally manage to overcome them.

But, to a great extent, most people can't help how they look.

It's like half the race can't win; they're either too pretty or too unattractive for us ogremens. If they're too pretty we gotta gawk and squawk and dress them to undress. It's all about us.

If they're not pretty enough, we ridicule them – and try as they might to be taken on their own terms, it's STILL about us.

I know it's natural for men to consider attractive females to be something like natural resources, and proof of the bounty and goodness of the god, the universe, and everything.

But they tend to see themselves as individuals, with their own aspirations, ambitions, and agendas. Then in order to get to where they might want to be, they gotta negotiate our obstacle course – while keeping one eye on themselves in the mirror.

Or maybe I'm being over-sensitive.


There you have it Prot. Been away for a few moments and what happens? Nekkid womens posters everywhere, ugly things beings said. Some of them may have been using crayons on the wallpaper. Yank some ears please. Seems like you can't leave us home alone anymore...


.....and another most beautiful written response to the problem falls victim to the dreaded 502 Bad Gateway. I'd redo it but inspiration is fleeting.


NOTE: just made a couple crucial edits to my post, correcting typos leftover from the composing process. Meaning is now clear...


I don't mean to yank ears. I'm as disgustingly male as anyone else, and got no platform from which to throw stones.

It's just that I've met lots of guys from the GDP, and don't know a one who would intentionally offend or hurt someone in person. (Unless it was in a confrontation over principles, or in defense of others.)

I likes pretty girls. I've posted pics of pretty girls posing with Gretschs, beauty enhancing beauty. We all likes pretty girls. Womens like pretty girls. I just remember there are all kinds of pretty girls, including our wives, mothers, daughters, and granddaughters.

But with this outbreak, questions of time, place, and unintended (I hope) impact arise. I think such posts have a low likelihood of coming across as hearty boys-will-be-boys humor to everyone in a worldwide, unregulated general audience.

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