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Worry of a guitar case negatively affecting guitar (Bigsby-B60)


I have a 2015 G5420T Electromatic Hollowbody Single Cutaway. I'm interested in info about a case I bought possibly negatively affecting over time the Bigby's (B60) spring or hardware and/or in affecting the tuning, by the B60's arm being slightly depressed by flat case when closed. I can see the indent of the arm and indent of the B60 'head in the fabric, ...just like when you see strings indentations normally. I bought for ~$115 total a Gretsch Guitars G6241FT 16" Hollowbody Flat Economy Case ( http://www.guitarcenter.com... ). I'm thinking though trying to get rid of it, unfortunately it's a little past 45 days of Guitar Centers return policy. But it was ~$115 total so not end of world. I'll still try ask if they can return. Or if they can't accept return, I can ask if they'd 'trade it in... I'm looking at ~$185 total for a Gretsch Guitars G6241 Deluxe Black Case Black ( http://www.guitarcenter.com... ) also stated to fit a 16" Hollow. Per the link I see it has an arched top. It'll be little difficult see in one picture the indent into the fabric, but of look close it a darker depression in the fabric, which is left by 'head of the B60 arm hardware. Also maybe you can faintly see indent of the actual arm in fabric. So when case is closed the arm albeit slightly, is actually being pushed. Any info much appreciated.


Case outside, just to see for GPs (it's flat)


Close up pic: can see a dark depression in fabric around just where the end of tailpiece area would rest and that depression caused by the B60 hardware arm travel limiting piece on top of B60. Also can see where arm rests on case where fabric is pressed a little. The Bigsby spring when guitar case is closed is always depressed anytime it's in the case. So it's tremolo on slightly always and so puts constant pressure on all that moves with the deployed arm.


That's the original case for the G5420T. I guess that's normal. I've got the same Guitar and the same Case.


It's entirely normal, don't worry.


The only thing that comes to mind is what length spring do you have in the Bigsby? They make them in 1" and 7/8". That might not sound like much difference but I've changed a few and the height for the longer one is what appears to be more than that 1/8" difference.

If the height of the tip of the Bigsby's arm is at an angle you're comfortable with then I wouldn't worry about it but if it's too high for your liking, then remove it and measure it and I'll bet it's the 1" version. They're cheap so you may want to try the shorter version.


Yep, outcome was GC store accepted this case... the one they first sold me even though it was bought more than 45 days... Was about 55 days... Manager there heard me out and didn't bat an eye and ordered me the better fitting one... I even had an email from Gretsch company rep said that although the Bigsby won't break over it, but that it is true having a spring almost constantly 'on/depressed will lend to wearing quicker... Rep even alluded to that even the arched case can depress the Bigsby, but less so that flattop case... Plus I found a price match and GC accepted that too so I only had to pay $46 more and got the arch top case. Well, yep, I realize the wear on the spring realistically is negligible, but I can't help it I get 'anal about stuff like this (I was an army and an USAF aircraft mechanic ... in some my 'past lives...yep, a 20 year retired vet). Yep, now to me anyway a much nicer case with I think much more quality indeed so notwithstanding the Bigsby issue, I'm still glad now having it.

G6241 Deluxe Black Case Black


???? If the arm is in the back position as shown in the photo, won't that relieve pressure from the spring instead of applying it???


This is a non-issue. They all do that.


This is a non-issue. They all do that.

– Billy Zoom

Agreed. Do you want your guitar flopping around inside the case or simply firmly held in place?

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