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Where are the young players (on the GDP)?


I'm young.

– UncleGrumpy

I think they mean actual age but yeah.


Most of the guys on the GT forum are a younger group and only talk about gear, this may be simply that you cant talk about much else without being smacked by the moderators :)

– TheNocturneBrain.com™

True..... I like some of the build threads but there seems to a dark cloud hanging over the head of that forum. It's as if everyone is afraid to talk about interesting topics outside of Gretsch.......hell, even outside of music!


Mostly a lurker, but I've been here a while. I'm 24. I Grew up on the Beatles and was always a huge harrison fan, so gretsch was more or less an inevitability for me. I'm a music major and I've never seen someone around my age with a gretsch, electromatic or pro. I guess Proteus's master plan is working though, I ordered a tru-arc a few days ago (so excited about getting rid of my space control!).


Interesting thread.

Well I'm old and new to the forum. Been playing bass and guitar since '63. Came here because of the obvious knowledge and expertise associated with the Gretsch brand. And as a new owner I feel a need for that.

However that level of knowledge and experience can be a little intimidating and the tight bonds between old members and their interaction can leave newbies feeling a little left out.

I don't think that applies only to young players - but young players possibly feel it even more.

Sorry, but I have not got the impression that this is a friendly and open forum.

– Gretschmen65

I tend to agree... and I've been here for a good while! I still post occasionally, but I visit mostly for the gear and info. When longstanding members talk about other members or topics and posts that only they remember, or simply start getting lazy and telling new folks with questions to "do a search and you'll find the answer to your question", it can make new folks feel excluded from the group.

I've also never seen so many deeply personal posts on a forum. It's great that there is a group of people that genuinely care about one another, but that's some heavy stuff for someone just joining and just excited about their first Gretsch.

Whoever said "forums are for old people", I tend to think you're right. Even Facebook is for old people. All the young people are on Instagram and Snapchat, where it's a quick easy exchange with little dialogue. A post of this length isn't even possible!

Sorry folks... we ARE old.

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