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What’s The Trick….???


I would visit and post more often, if I could figure out how to make the site work on my Droid.....WHAT'S THE TRICK, TO MAKE IT WORK? The site comes up on my Droid, but it won't let me sign in, or navigate. It works fine on my desktop computer.


Ric12string was having that same problem, but I think he installed a new browser on his phone and it now works. Not sure which browser tho without searching for the thread...


Nope. It doesn't work with Opera. I have the Droid RAZ-X, GreatGretsch, and the GDP does not allow me to log in to my account. It is pretty frustrating because I do spend quite a bit of time online on my phone. So, if it is any consolation, I share in your frustration.


I have a Motorola Droid, original issue I understand from Tim that some of we Droid users will not be able to log in or post, period. Perhaps, a newer phone down the line will work; but not now.


Bummer....I thought there may be some easy fix that I overlooked.


From what I understand from Baxter, the Android platform allows different phone manufacturers to create their phones differently so that fixing the issues for one Android phone still leaves countless other Android phones still being unable to access the site. I think that, for mobile use, Bax optimized the site for the iPhone. We Android users will, for now, just have to suck it up.


is there an Android iOS emulator app somewhere? Seems that someone should make one if there isnt... ;-)


Well, Hermitt, get on it, Dude! There are all sorts of things about which I find amazing that they don't exist--like the "harness thingy" I had to make for myself to carry my guitar case. I'm not strong enough to use the handle alone for any time and I refuse to put her in a less sturdy case. So, when the web turned up nada, I just stitched one up. Not what I'd buy if I had choices for the catches are not my dream, but it gets the job done. My son's a computer geek who unlocked my phone for me and I've asked him if he'd whip up something just for me to gain access here, and he laughed, out loud. So, Ric, looks like we're still out. (But, if I ever get him to do one, we'll get him to start on another.)


You had him root your phone for you, Olivia?


Absolutely, it does everything but my laundry and my GDP posts. Full ride to Purdue Computer Science, but he decided to do something else someplace else, so we could pay :( . If you want, I am sure he or someone he networks among could root your specific phone. I am thinking of a Moto Razr Maxx HD and he says it would be "no problem" to root it. Sorry if I've derailed your post Great.


You're right on track...Hopefully there will be a solution, soon. I won't be getting another phone until Spring.

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