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Hey, if ya'll could be a little mindful about the size of photos you upload, the server will thank you. Those 10 meg photo files get to be a lot after awhile.

Thank you


Well I have tried to post smaller photos for sure and just getting Aw Nuts... sometimes this resolves itself from the day before.


It’s not your little pix that are the problem. The giant pix fill up the server and clog it up for everyone. It gets resolved when Bax cleans the pipes.


So, uploading my 30mb hi-res TIFF annotated map of Tolkien's Middle Earth showing GPS locations of all the guitar stores in Eriador, Mordor, Gondor and Rohan as a photo attachment is a definite no-no.... got it.


I'm having trouble posting pics today. Latest one is only 1.5Mb, but still no joy.


I think I broke it earlier...I'll check my files sizes...

The photo that won't post and causes "Aw Nuts" is 9.6 MegaPixels, 2 Mb


I think we all need to be a little mindful when posting from our phones. When I post from the Mac I always open in Photoshop first and trim it down, but modern phones have such large file sizes it's easy to forget and I know I'm as guilty as the next man.

I shall bear it in mind going forward.


I will be more diligent.


I only get a new phone every 7 or so years. This one so far out measures the prior one its silly.

I used to always size to internet email, I think that was 640k, however many pixels...

This last decade I wouldn't know better, so fast, less interest to keep up.

In any case I found the settings for the Camera. Most of my pictures before were taken with an old tablet. I'm sure it was limited somehow to Photo file size.


I tried this morning with my phone cam set to the smallest file size.

I got error 500...Internal Server Error.

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