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Being new to the forum, this may already be here, but I would be delighted to read about anything you have learned that has made a big difference to you and that everyone else can use. One place I could browse or post without having to start a new thread. Could be in playing technique, electronics, etc. I don't mean stuff like finding a great price on toothbrushes at Wally World, although some of that can be fun.


Just set your pole pieces as close to the strings as you can without compromising sustain and everything will be fine …


I make up for my lack of talent with volume, and lots of it.


Yes!!!! Good on ya, Sascha.


Sascha, I think I gushed prematurely. The thread was good but dropped off into obscurity. A thread like this, so general, would probably have to sit on the main page separate from current item so it can be accessed easily without having to dig for it.


No one thread is going to solve all of your guitar problems. I've been here for years and I am still learning something new every once and awhile. Ask specific questions and you'll probably get quick and useful responses. You can also search past posts for keywords. I do this and find valuable info.

Also, there is this section of articles, like this one.


The article is fantastic! Will take a long time for me to absorb all that info. Thanks.

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