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This connection is not secure” warning message


Has anyone else seen this warning message when logging in?

It seems to have appeared with a recent Firefox update (release 51 or 52) on my computer.

Doesn't happen when logging into website addresses that begin with "https".


I have seen that message but do not recall if it has ever been from logging into the GDP. I know that I've seen it occasionally and on sites that I do not regard as a a threat but also sites that have never been an issue before.


I only see it when I login with my microwave. I'm starting to have some serious doubts about that thing.


It is a firefox warning with the update. You can tap the warning and navigate to the add-on they want you to download. I didn't download.


This is what it says: "your connection to this site is not private. Information you submit could be viewed by others (like passwords, messages, credit cards etc."

No biggy.

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