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That big banner!


I've had an iPad this year and the big banner is a real pita.

Tapping the little lines button often results in missing it and getting an ad.

The banner leaves a tiny bit of the main page to see & use though after several tries it can be minimised but then returns to the big size.

Also, typing a message often shows the text at the top of the screen behind the banner i.e. not in the text box (though it can be found with a bit of fiddling - that lines button).

None of this happens on the PC.

Am I alone?

Is there a setting to keep the banner permanently out of the way?


There is -- at the lower far right of the header bar is a section labeled "Community" with a button labeled "Edit" next to "Your Profile"

Click on that and it will take you to a Profile and Settings page. Check the box for collapse header under Settings.


You genius, you. Thanks so much.

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