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So you think you love the GDP?


What if it was held in a Raffle format? One Entry for every dollar contributed.

Im not sure how many Members we have here, but if everyone bought $25 to $50 )or more) worth of Entries, and Im guessing we have more than 100 Members here alone, it would possibly add up to more $ than an Auction could.

The Nashville and Nor Cal Roundups are coming up in late September, Pick a Raffle Winner ticket from All the Entries at either one of those Events. We have alot of trustworthy people here who could make sure it gets done right.

Baxter gets support for his Site, One Lucky stiff wins the BIG Prize,, We all are Winners.


BTW, I have a few Custom Pedal Board cases fabbed up. I can donate 1 to the Cause.


I gave a little after my pickups sold but I’m still absolutely down for this!

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