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So you think you love the GDP?


So after the recent passing of Norm, which reminded me of course that without the GDP I never would have interfaced with him at all AND having used this forum literally as a benchmark of quality for every other forum I visit, I did my duty and coughed up some coin.

If you're on the GDP, donate. Even if just the core folks cough up $5 a head it will cover hosting costs for a year. Do you visit daily? Weekly?

Look to your right >>>>>>> "DONATE"

You'll get the warm satisfaction of knowing you kept this site and forum alive and kicking.


I’ve been slowly working on a little Rat Rod amp. Combining topics of “Love for TGP” and “Best Bedroom Amp”, I’d love to finish this up and do an Ebay style auction here on TGP. Run it for a week, highest bidder wins (hidden or shown), all proceeds to go to TGP forum.

Any interest?


Something along these lines


Maybe we can make a larger auction with a bunch of contributors and items. There’s a lot of talented people here. I can offer up Skype lessons


I'm good for a bridge.


One big ‘ol fat auction?

Shoot man. If there’s a Tru Arc and private lessons from Paul included, I may have to up the ante.


I think we're just trying to see your bid as it is! I mean, lookadat wood. Lookadat doglegged member. Lookadem dovetails.


And, while we're waiting for all this wonderment to manifest itself, let's throw $5 in the kitty as first suggested, TOO!


Good advice, Olivia. Just kicked in $10.

– Don Birchett

Thank you, Don. I quit my monthly "reminder" because I began feeling like a pest. But, I sure enjoy this spot; and, it's not sweet to have Baxter bear the financial burden without our help, is my view. So, again, thanks. And, the little DONATE button is just right over there >>>>>>>>


If there's to be an auction with proceeds to benefit the GDP, someone needs to come up with a format.

I'm in for donating a bridge, but I don't have any ideas for how to actually implement it - nor time for the next couple of weeks to be involved.


It’s gonna take me a few weeks to build the amp as well, so maybe plan on putting this together in August.

I’ll handle the logistics. Just need to decide if this is a forum only auction or go bigger on ebay/reverb.com. I’m game for either.


In the meantime, $10 in the kitty.


Y'all are the best.


I am on sale this week. completely available, and feel like being sold at auction. Count me in.


Somebody has to like me best.

– piratesrule

I'm high bidder right now.

I hate yard work.


I'm looking for someone to bear my aches, pains, and existential suffering.


I'm looking for someone to bear my aches, pains, and existential suffering.

– Proteus

Maybe I can help with the existential suffering over skype and a virtual tea. Would you bid on that?

I’m in. I can also give skype lessons, draw robots, mix music, teach portuguese or tell Brazilian jokes.

And I’ll bid on Mr. Pigat’s lessons


The amp is a Supro Spectator circuit.

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