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Random thoughts on browsers


When I click on the internet it says Google. It's super fast and I can open many tabs or windows or whatever they are called. I'm pretty bass ackwards. It's about as fast as changing stations on my television. :)


I didn't care for all of the Google add-ons it threw on my system, that were an absolute p.i.t.a to get rid of.>



Happy Firefox user here.


I been using Firefox since i got my puter,i'm happy enough.


I use Firefox and have learned to deal with the topics not being on the front page. I just go to the latest topics.


they all suck

pick out which one sucks least for you


Firefox has gotten consistently slower and more cumbersome. I had NO issues with Google ad ons. IE 9 also works very good on my system.

Order of use

Chrome for Facebook, Netflix, and Guitar Lessons. Handles video the best.

IE 9 for GDP and email.

No more Firefox for me on this computer.


I've been a Firefox user since the early days of Mozila, but I've recently shifted to Chrome as my primary browser. I also use Safari, mostly on the iPad & iPhone.

Firefox has become a memory hog in recent years. I have a browser crash with Firefox about 1-2x per week; it never happens to me with Chrome. Now, I'm a heavy user - I typically have 10-15 tabs open (often multiple windows) at a time, but Chrome and Safari handle it well.

I like Firefox, but Chrome has definitely passed it by in terms of speed and reliability. The one thing Firefox has over it is some of the plugins - particularly those for web development.


I don't get the Google add on issue. There are no such Google add ons that mess with things. It's one of the big advantages of Chrome: no add ons.

A little research shows you that Chrome can handle everything written for the internet, while other browsers can only do this or that.

And I hate switching to new programs and trendy software gadgets. Chrome is just the best browser at the moment, said without product emotions and based on facts.


Yeah, I'm fully submerged in the Mac kool-aid now, so Safari is my window out.


This post has been deleted

iPad thumb. Not to be confused with M-1 thumb.


Thank you for this thread Baxter!

I went to Google and downloaded the Google chrome, and it's like I have a new computer! I'm using a an old Compaq I bought in 1997. It's 100 times as fast as it was!

If I went to look for something on Google images it would take about 20 minutes.

I also just noticed that now when I post here there is an automatic spelling check!



I've been trying for several hours now to install chrome to no avail. For some unknown reason, I can't even access any of my google related sites (gmail, google+) with my 32bit version of ie9 anymore. I just get a 'can not display this page' error. If I load up the 64 bit version of ie9, I can get to the google sites. I try to install chrome and I get a GoogleUpdate.exe error saying that WINTRUST.DLL is missing. Of course it's not missing, it's sitting right there in the system32 directory. :|


That sounds very wrong Hermitt. Only the latest gear is 64 bit, and then you must have a 64 bit operating system too, to be able to run 64 bit ptograms.

While we are at it, Microsoft launched free protection software for PCs. I've tried all free and commercial protection software, but this one is the best ever. It actually kills and destroys virae, checks your mail and downoads too. It's not sluggish, nor buggy and it won't expire. I know you're all gonna say I use such and so, but again I recommend this because I'm sure it is the best. The software was launched more or less under the radar to prevent a war like the one about Explorer and Outlook.

If your Windows is genuine, you can download MSE for free. Just Google for MSE and you'll see the Microsoft link jump right out. Perform a full deep scan to begin with, and see what it finds... 8-)

I'm no Microsoft fan, but it just works very well.

Link: Microsoft Security Essentials


I've been using the MSE since around april. I switched from Avast because I figured that the MS anti-virii would better integrate with win7/64. This pc is pretty new as I just got it last March, but I've also been having issues with it losing the ATI driver for the built in display adapter and blue screening with memory_management errors thats probabally corrupted somethng. :|


Wow, sounds you have rotten RAM chips or something. Or a bad video card.

My PCs are crap but not on that basic level.


The video (Radeon HD3000) is built onto the Asus motherboard. I just can't get the wintrust.dll issue resolved. Ran sfc /scannow in admin mode and it says it found some corrupt files but can not fix them. :|

I also can't figure out why the 32bit versions of both ie9 and ie8 won't access any google related pages but the 64bit version can. I still can't get chrome to install because of the wintrust.dll issue.

I tried the original win7 setup disc, but it just wants to install a clean copy and move my existing copy to windows.old




Since you guys are talking about complicated computer stuff that I don't understand...

I have 4 computers, 3 of them don't work (all three quit mysteriously after my son was using them, downloading Itunes etc.) They have the black screen now with just an underscore flashing or an hourglass.


I am using my very old computer, which only works in safe mode.

The problem for a music guy like me is that I'm left with no computer that plays music, or has any sound at all.

Is it possible to enable sound in safe mode?

I have no recovery CDs, and my old clunker is partly disassembled and has no CD drives - one of those "I can upgrade the CD drives!' things, where Goober took them out, but could never put anything back in.

I just want sound!


I don't get the Google add on issue. There are no such Google add ons that mess with things. It's one of the big advantages of Chrome: no add ons.

A little research shows you that Chrome can handle everything written for the internet, while other browsers can only do this or that.

And I hate switching to new programs and trendy software gadgets. Chrome is just the best browser at the moment, said without product emotions and based on facts.

-- Geoff Vane

It was more a case of all of the Google features such as toolbars, browser "helpers", etc. I especially did NOT like that fact that it made Google my homepage. I prefer to open to a blank page (bout:Blank). Changing preferences and parameters to do this, didn't do the trick, since there seemed to be a limited number of paramters you could change. I also found Chrome in general, to be a hassle for editing browser parameters, and I found the Help files to be kind of weak, when I wanted to edit, and change bookmarks.

I'm not computer illterate (I've been on them since the early 80s, and know how to write code to an extent [courtesy of learning Fortran, for Engineering Degree #1]), so I like a little more control over my programs. Chrome didn't seem to allow me that option. It felt like AOL's "internet for dummies" stuff - "we'll only give you a limited set of control over your browser parameters, so you can't screw things up."

In a nutshell, it wasn't my cup of tea.


Point taken. 8-)

It is difficult to adjust Chrome. But I didn't need to. My Chrome opens blank, but always searches via google. No problem in my case.


Hermitt, that sounds like the huge problem a friend in the IT business says Chrome is causing: it's incompatible with certain versions of IE due to DLL file contention issues.

It's a well known bug in the trade and I think you may have to uninstall IE & Chrome & reinstall Chrome but I can't recall the exact fix. I'll be seeing my IT mate on Sunday so will ask him to remind me of the fix.

Do you have IE and/or Outlook Express running? Which version of IE?

BTW, I'm still using Firefox after several years and have few problems thus far but this ole PC is a clunker: insufficient cubic inches!


I've been running ie9 since it was released earlier this year, before that I was using ie8 that came with Win7. Somehow I broke something because I can't run the install for 'any' google app now, including Google Earth and Adobe ARM won't run because of that WINTRUST.DLL is missing issue. In fact, I can't get my 32bit version of the ie9 (or 8 when I rolled back) to open any secure sites, wellsfargo, gmail, google+, etc, but the 64bit version opens them fine and both versions have the exact same security settings. Incidently, I ran sfc and scanned wintrust.dll (in the system32 dir)and it didn't trigger anything, but when I run sfc /scannow, it only gets to 43% then aborts with a message that there are some corrupt files and it can't fix them. Last resort, which I don't want to do is a repair install over the existing win7.

I use Office/Outlook 2003 for my email because I use it to sync with my Dell axim.

funfunfun.... :|


IE9? I almost certain that's your problem: the two just don't work together.

Have made myself a note to speak to my mate in the pub tomorrow afternoon; good excuse for a beer, eh?


Bax, one of the computers I check in with is a Mac running OSX 10.6.8, Safari 5.1, and if I log in, it dumps me onto the discussion page, not logged in. Go to "latest topics," not logged in (my nav menu on the right shows the 3 item menu for anonymous users, and I don't have the ability to reply to topics). I have to click on a thread to get my normal logged in permissions back. Then sometimes when I click on a later page in the same thread, I'm back to not being logged in. Any ideas?

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