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I love the iPhone setup, really fast when posting from the car. No, I am not driving.


I feel like the guy all alone out in the desert without any water. Everyone is back home drinking wine, and I am out there in the desert, totally parched, and without a drop of liquid to quench the thirst.

When I am on my phone, I often wish that the site had never been changed. When I am on my computer, however, I love the new site. Just wish that I could post from my phone.


No complaints here. The odd 404 error but only on the old forum data that isn't in any way vital. All the important things here are working great for me. Except for the contests. I don't seem to win those. I expect that's more of a jealousy thing because my guitar is soooo pretty! :D

I can't remember the last time I had a gateway error or lag problem here since you switched us over.


Bax, what is the reason that pictures posted are automatically resized so small?


Bax, no issues here on the laptop, but I'm having trouble signing in on my Android. The login fields arent taking any keystrokes. I know you were having some Android issues before, any progress there?

It does look fine on the Droid -- i can read and scroll through posts, etc -- but I cant participate due to the log in issue :( .

Thanks for all you do and for listening:)


Droid, Droid, Droid...that's all we heard from you Ric12, and NOW look at the trouble you're in!

just kiddin'...kinda


Yeah, yeah. I would have posted a reply when I first saw your post, Deed, but I couldn't log on from my phone. I had to wait until I got to my computer. The Droid X is a fantastic phone. The only site that I seem to have any difficulty with (at least of those that I ever visit) is this site, which is one of my more frequently visited sites. So, that is particularly frustrating.

Mustafa, Bax is painfully aware of the Android issues. Lord knows that I have bugged him far more about it than any man should have to suffer. But, it is a problem that not all Android phones apparently operate the same. So, until there is some degree of uniformity among Android-based phones, it appears that we are likely shut out from logging onto the GDP.

Either that or Bax could simply make the tweaks for my Droid X and then I'd be happy. Of course, that probably wouldn't satisfy your situation, Mustafa.


I had trouble with my HTC Android phone until I downloaded the Opera browser. At least I can now log in and post from my phone. It's still not perfect. The menu doesn't work very well, and I can't scroll far enough down the menu to switch from dark to light layout, but I can at least use it to get to the discussion forums and peruse latest topics.


I can view most everything on the site, and I can change from light to dark on the menu. But, as Mustafa noted, I simply can't get the log-in fields to accept text. On a couple of occasions, I was able to enter text in those fields, but the log-in process choked when I tried to click on log-in.


That's with Opera, or the built-in browser?


With the native browser. I tried Opera, Safari, and another one that I can't remember what it was called, and none of them were able to get me onto the site. And each of them had major formatting issues.


I just got way too ticked off trying to log in from my Android phone so I gave up.

But today I ordered an iPhone 4S. :D


mines a Motorola unit...I'll try the Opera browser, see if i have better luck... thx for the tip!


I will be interested in your results, Mustafa, because mine, as a Droid X, is also a Motorola product.


I will be interested in your results, Mustafa, because mine, as a Droid X, is also a Motorola product.

– Ric12string

I will be interested in your results, Mustafa, because mine, as a Droid X, is also a Motorola product.

– Ric12string

Opera seems to work...posting this from my son's orthodontist appointment right now!


I just got a Lion OS and a magic mouse with a 23' HD monitor..holy mother this website is beautiful!! and scrolling is smooth like butter. I'm in love.


Is it still possible to edit a previous post? Cant find the edit button.

Win XP, Firefox 12.0, ten year old Dell 'puter.


Click on the down arrow next to the word "Reply" in the bottom right corner of your post. Then, click on "Edit." It should open the post box where you can modify your post. And, if you start a thread, you can even edit your thread title!


Can anyone help me determine where my Country Classic Jr., s/n 993122jr-155, was made? I've been through the Gretsch S/N explanation twice and can't figure it out. The label inside the guitar doesn't say. Thanks


Kind of a weird place for the question, but It's a 99. It's made in Japan.


Jungle Dan knows how to cut through the crap and get answers from above! Hire that man. :P


Cool, just noticed that "Your recent topics" suddenly works like in good old days: so it's not dependend on what computer I'm spamming on?


The last couple of days, I have to sign in everytime I turn my computer on. Is this the new way of doing things?.....just asking

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