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Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum, and I'm curious about the private messages. It looks like there's no page dedicated to your inbox or sent messages, so I'm curious about how I'll know if I receive a message back. Will it just show up when I log in? Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Mark


You'll receive a message to the email account you registered to the GDP with. And welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the GDP family Mark.


Make sure that the address that you registered with is still an active email account.

And welcome to the GDP. Time to pay your dues. What? No one told you about the dues? Better go read the GDP House Rules, then.


(I'm gonna cheat and help him out...)

POST PICTURES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Welcome to the Best Gretsch site there is.

It's just an email system here. You receive an email when someone PM's you and you respond straight to their email address. Bax designed it very simple yet elegant. :)


And private. It horrifies me that most "private messages" on the internet are actually stored on the site and are accessible to any admin.

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