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Hi, just joined the forum and it looks great! I have a 1967 Gretsch Rally and im trying to find an original pickguard. They have the GT stripe and would finish off my guitar nicely. Anyone got any ideas on where to find one??


If you don't mind a perfectly made accurate replica I'd recommend to contact GDP member Paul Setzer. He makes such things. Here's the link to his profile including the message option. Good luck!

Welcome, Pete!


Paul makes excellent pickguards!! You almost would not be able to tell his from an original as they're that good! BTW, Pete, Welcome to our little corner of insanity!


In addition to the unlikelihood of finding an original striped Rally guard, even if you found one there's no guarantee that either the mounting holes or pickup indents would line up with your guitar. As has already been said, Setzer is the logical way to go.


Thanks for the props guys!

Pete, I managed to find that old 67 Rally guard trace I was telling you about.


Yeah! Finally got to make a Rally pickguard and I'm pleased with the outcome. Think the copper is to light?

 photo 482F69DF-B055-4C6B-A507-B0757951BBA5_zpszrw5ugvw.jpg  photo FF04A5F8-B09B-4440-A6FC-D0E1DCC6AF5A_zpss5mjnnsr.jpg  photo F12CB468-CC0C-4A1D-A88E-5F41A759ACB0_zps1u4qyzg6.jpg  photo 2BE8D0E6-E638-4734-9BDE-31FA4E3A9D30_zpspdhfsjqr.jpg

Other photo is one that was for sale on eBay.


Hard to judge color on that yellow background. Adjacency issues big-time. Better to use a a neutral background that won't influence the eye as much.


We'll that's the color of the guitar it's going on...but I see what your sayin'.


I used Rustoleum Copper... something...

I have some Krylon too but it's to rosey red looking and lighter.

 photo GretschRallyStylepickguard_zps47e624a3.jpg

 photo D6B84679-F7BE-4184-898C-1AB473C08AFD_zps7msg8xsu.jpg


Does anyone have any idea how Gretsch did the logo indentation on these originally? Was a hot stamping die used to press the logo in? I've wondered this for a long time. How do you do yours, Paul?


Hey Forrest, I think the guards with a matrix bump where molded. Maybe the earlier ones where engraved?

 photo 1299709213.jpg  photo 1299709215.jpg  photo 1299709216.jpg


I decal or engrave mine. It depends on the style.

Here's how I do a Chet signpost type guard when engraving: EDIT SEE link below


Man, that Chet guard looks HIGH SPEED!. I've got two clear pickguards Duke Kramer sent me years ago. They do seem to have that spot on the inside like they were cut off of a sprue. The T-roof logo is deeply molded in and pre-painted black.


Thanks Forrest! I enjoy making these. It's fun to try one that I've not made before too. I guess one day I'll run out of styles to do.


That Rally pickguard looks incredible -- as does the rest of your work. As someone whose fumbled my way through a couple of pickguard builds, your work really awesome, and I never use that phrase.


Thanks lx! I've had lots of practice.


I've just acquired a '67 bamboo / copper Rally from a very old friend, and the pickguard just cracked. What do I have to do or say to get the ball rolling on getting one or two of these made for myself?


Send a PM to Paul Setzer and problem solved!


I have an original pickguard with no cracks for sale. As well as the truss rod cover.

For a copper/bamboo yellow Rally.

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